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Review on Set Of 30 VIGAER Reusable Fastening Cable Straps With Adjustable Nylon Hook And Loop Cinch, Available In 8"-30" Sizes And Metal Buckle For Secure Ties by Carl Estell

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Don't rely on these for anything important

I purchased these because i needed this type of strap to hold my mountain bike wheel to the frame while on the car rack and to keep bike frames from swaying on the rack. the specialty ones for this purpose operate the exact same way but were costly in comparison. well after I'd ridden and driven home one day i noticed that the one for the tire was not on the bike. I decided that maybe i hadn't put it on and had left it sitting on the trunk lid and lost it. a couple days later I know that I had used one to hold my vary lightweight road bike frame just to the body of the rack to keep it from swaying (basically no real stress-the bike is secured fully to the rack on the crossarms) - and the strap was missing again. I finally realized that the strap velcro just does not hold well enough. these are not high stress situations (my road bike can be lifted by two fingers over my head- so the force this put on it just to keep it from swaying side to side is minimal) and they came apart. I would only recommend these for maybe cord organization and the like.

  • Served its purpose in strapping down my generator battery
  • May not provide enough support for some items