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Review on Rhino Glue Gel: Ultra Strong Heavy Duty Adhesive - 40g Clear Formula by David Roberts

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OMG It worked.

Basically I have the same review as many others but I have to add another success story to the reviews section. My 2010 Mustang Convertible window has separated from the vinyl top. I called several garages and that was it. EVERYONE! said it couldn't be repaired and i need a new top for $1500. I refused to accept it and googled the problem and a large number of people on the forums recommended Rhino Glue. I followed the instructions of the people on the forum and it worked great. The window is back in place and I ran a heavy brush through the car wash and nothing came loose. Here's what I did. I opened the top a bit. maybe 5 inches so there doesn't seem to be any pressure. I cleaned the entire window and all edges with a razor then acetone. window side and vinyl side. then started sticking. very thin sheet, laid out with a plastic card. I used masking tape to cover the glass so I didn't have to remove too much adhesive from the glass. I went in 5 inch increments. Glue - Hold and glue for a minute - Next section - etc. I paused at times, but basically the whole window took just over an hour. This stuff really sticks. I left the car in the garage for 2 full days with the top 5 inches open. Now the top is solid. The adhesive is rock solid and I have no idea how long it will last, but I don't see it coming loose any time soon. Poorly. And all because I was inattentive. Do not apply glue to vinyl. I tried wiping it with acetone and discolored a small portion of the top. So be very careful. Find a surface to place a plastic card on. It's covered in glue and I accidentally put it on my suitcase (reason hahaha) and the glue got on my color. And the last. the painter's tape, when it comes into contact with the glue, is of course now bonded with the Rhino glue. and some parts didn't come off. The razor blade did that and also removed the little bits of glue around the edges. I was afraid to do it myself, but it didn't really matter. The kit contains 2 bottles. I used a small one and barely made a dent. That should stay with me forever. I can't wait until I can glue something else. UPDATE: February 2017. It's been over 5 months now. I've driven through the car wash countless times. I've crossed the US (about 6000 miles). I moved to California from Texas and my car was in the desert in sub-zero temperatures and over 100 degrees. I am pleased to report that the window is still in place. No hole differs from the day I pasted it. I am still amazed every time I see and touch my car. UPDATE 2: It's December 2017 and the window is still fixed like the first day.

  • Very good value for money
  • Unbelievable price