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Review on TMH Smoked Lens Amber LED Clearance Markers: High-Quality Trailer Side Marker Lights by Anden Turn

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Awesome, Bright, Well-Made Little Lights

I read in many of the negative reviews before ordering this product of complaints about water getting into these lights, especially in boat trailers, as they must sometimes back into the water to off-load their boats. Every other review seemed to rave about the brightness, so, upon receiving them, I immediately slid the rubber housing off of one of the amber ones and noticed that the amber material itself was a single, seamless casting, which is great. On the back of the casting (where the electronic components are slid into place), this entire area was completely encased in resin, so I knew that wouldn't be the problem. Then, I noticed that the only thing sticking out of the resin, were the two wires, which were inside of a piece of heat shrink. Oddly, the heat shrink wasn't shrunk to the wires. So, I decided to test my theory that the water ingress was due to the fact that the heat shrink was basically acting like a straw around the wires, which would allow water to bypass the resin and seep directly into the electronics, undermining all of the other well-designed components and yes, once I dunked it into water, the problem was obvious. As I kept the heat shrink above water, there was no water ingress, once I dipped the entire open end of the heat shrink into the water, the entire light filled with water, ruining it. So, the fix is super simple, I filled the open portion of the heat shrink with elastomeric caulk, then I used a heat gun and applied heat to the shrink, and viola! A perfect seal. Now, complete submersion and no problem. I then tested a light on my benchtop power supply and ran it through voltages from 6V to 14.4V. The light did not function until about 9V, then stopped getting brighter at around 12.5V, although it functioned at 14.4V without problem. However, to prevent early failure of the LEDs, I put an H5K2 Mini-360 Buck Converter (Steph-Down Module) in-line to limit current from my RV to 12V exactly. This ensures that the LEDs will have a long, long life, as they will never receive spike voltages or continued high voltages assaulting the electronics. *I'm an electronics engineer, so I hope I haven't lost anyone and that this helps some of you out there * Anyways, thanks greatly for an overall nice product at a great price!

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  • The product might not be compatible with all trailer wiring harnesses