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Review on Sceptre U278W 4000R 3840X2160 DisplayPort Speakers Metallic Built-In Speakers, ‎U278W-4000R, IPS by Tyler Kern

Consumer quality is not ideal for professional content creation

Downgraded to 2 stars after being too frustrated with a multi-screen, multi-computer screen lock! Consumer quality is not ideal for professional content creation. Taking pictures is fast. To prevent this, I will decrease the time the screen goes blank. Most of the time it doesn't come out of a blank screen and the built-in inputs are unresponsive. Usually you have to restart your computer for the screen to update. Sometimes you get a blinking green screen, after that you're stuck turning it off and rearranging the cable inputs and hoping it automatically cycles through the input. - Stand is solid and mounts according to VESA.Con standard - Main disadvantages when working with multiple inputs - Professional color management - OSD software from 1990. - Source selection Handles multiple inputs poorly and no manual source selection, more like an automatic manual. You can select a source, but if the monitor doesn't recognize an input even though something is plugged in, it will switch to whichever input it thinks is on. Source selection is also frustrating as you have to press a 3 button combo to select an input; Source button, then the up or down arrow button, and finally the Select/Menu button. This is quite confusing and frustrating when setting up multiple systems with multiple monitors. You only need one button to select a source; Press the source button and it will switch to input 1 with a small display of the source ID, press again to switch to the next source with the correct ID, press the source again, etc. That has been the case for at least a quarter century, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and turn it into a square. The design is fairly minimalist, however, with a solid metal base that's well balanced and centered, a solid mounting bracket from the stand to the monitor, and a well-placed input board that's easy to see and use. The power supply is built into the back of the monitor fairly well and the power cord isn't bulky and has a regular plug so with an inverter it doesn't take up half your power strip. It attaches beautifully to a desktop stand and is very thin yet durable. If they could improve the on screen menu and input I would upgrade it to 4 stars. I only give 5 stars for nothing unless it is exceptional. I think people give 5 stars too easily. And if you really think it's a 5-star product, don't use it too often, such as: For example, tiny fonts that you can't tell apart and extraordinarily small fonts that require a microscope to read.

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Pros & cons

  • Built-in speakers
  • Only available in black

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