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Review on Digital Krikits LLC by Chris Hernandez

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Excellent Platform, Amazing Customer Support

The entire process of launching an Android app/game with our team was very smooth! We're so happy we decided to go for them as they are highly professional team; always looking after us like one of their own products - nothing negative at all from my end. Just amazing experience overall!! And yes it's free :). Honestly speaking I have no any complaints about working or collaborating closely with this platform (as mentioned above) - would recommend my friends 100% if you want your product developed like never before. Approximate cost-wise i believe its really cheap considering how user friendly they've made things. For such reasonable price tags there should be some sort of discount offered by these guys though because otherwise not much people will avail themselves of services via them :) It's just incredible that way they work hard towards providing best possible service without charging too high amounts ;) Best part here is definitely customer support which has been top notch! And even better still - it's almost guaranteed once you choose them in favor of other similar platforms out there - you won't regret going through all steps together ;)). So far everything went great! Great pricing structure compared to rest of competitors around the market place; excellent communication skills between both parties involved which allowed me to get what exactly needed for developing my application. It’s very easy for me as an end user because I can just go directly into my account or profile settings from anywhere within our website (mobile app). There are so many options that it makes finding what you need difficult sometimes - but there's always more help available when needed! We've been able use this platform since we started at EZPayroll which helped us with onboarding new employees quickly without having them wait around too long while waiting through other systems such like Paychex etc..

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  • I don't really have any special reasons or features I particularly like about the site everything went great on my end
  • Nothing in particular to tell honestly everything went very smooth and well which was great!