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Review on ICMS by Christopher Gulledge

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent Software for Resource Justification

The software is user friendly because it comes with an easy-to understand tutorial that guides you through many of its features right out fo box without having someone there holding your hand! Some time consuming functions need some more training but all users should be trained enough before implementing this system so they can use their own judgment as well while still maintaining compliance requirements set by law enforcement agencies. It has allowed us to meet our resource justification process requirement very efficiently since we are able t justify resources faster than ever now (we used to have much longer timelines). There's no downside at al when using icms compared to other systems I've previously been familiar with from my past work life experience where the implementation was usually pretty messy due to lack or proper documentation etc., which led me into learning about what would not get implemented properly if left up until after deployment/im.

  • Ease Of Use;
  • Intuitive interface for less experienced data analysts.
  • Comprehensive Help Desk portal including video tutorials available both in English & Spanish languages, 24x7 support availability
  • Mobile applications via native iOS app store / Android Play Store apps allowing access wherever needed along side web client accessibility
  • There are disadvantages