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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
Vertical Industry, Apparel

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Description of BlueCherry Suite

CGS’s BlueCherry Enterprise Suite has the built-in capacity to address the fundamental needs of all core management, planning, design and product development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and sales functions. With end-to-end capabilities, the BlueCherry Enterprise Suite enables consumer lifestyle products companies to manage critical business transactions and concept-to-consumer processes to improve speed to market, gain greater process visibility and control, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness. BlueCherry Suite Includes: - Enterprise Resource Planning - Omnichannel Merchandise Planning - Product Lifecycle Management - Supply Chain Management - Omnichannel Warehouse Management - Business Intelligence - Electronic Data Interchange - Shop Floor Control - B2B eCommerce Platform


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Type of review

The best thing about this software is that you can do most tasks from anywhere in any time zone with no internet connection needed for certain features like CAD drawing generation or BOM analysis etc; however it does have some quirks when compared against other similar softwares but they are very minor as far as user experience goes. I work remotely so having access to my files anytime regardless if i am at home working away from office would be great! Also being able not get distracted by…

  • Easy interface, many options available such has cloud sync &amp ; auto backup , file sharing functionality within your organisation.Also easy uploads/syncs between platforms (like Google docs)
  • Lack off integration withe current Microsoft technologies.
  • Less intuitive than say MS 365

Revainrating 5 out of 5

User friendly cloud document management software

The ability for multiple users in different locations can be accessed at any time via mobile devices or computers with internet access. This is very helpful when working from home as it allows you to continue your work without being physically present in an office location. I don't like that there are certain modules not available within this program. For example we do not have the option to upload our own documents into the system (i.e., invoices). We also cannot print labels using other…

  • Great Customer Service
  • Easy useability across all platforms/devices
  • Accessibility through cloud storage platform, which syncs between web browser & desktop apps easily.
  • Multi user capability allowing colleagues around world collaborate remotely together while maintaining security levels required by respective business functions compliance regulations.
  • Compliance module provides visibility about user activity including approvals&quot
  • It is hard to say

The ability for users in other departments across an organization (non engineering) have access to our drawings from anywhere via web or mobile device was amazing! There is not much I did like about this system except that we didn't need it anymore because they now provide cloud software which gives us more control over data security than having everything stored locally at one location. We used blue cherry soley internally but will be looking into moving towards using their Cloud Software as…

  • What impressed me most during usage process, specifically around what really sold the project managers / senior executives was how easy you could create folders/templates where each folder contained many different types such templates e.g.: 1 design template per part number 2 product catalog style view3 material layout
  • None