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Review on Sobol by Justin Albright

Reviewing Wock Technologies- Fantastic Business App Product

We're able to collaborate from all over different areas in India, as well we have teams coming together for meetings across offices within our own country (for example). This helps us overcome challenges that might arise when one team may not be at their local office or remote location can cause some issues getting things done/understanding others' ways around certain processes etc! A lot depends though upon your personal relationship & work ethic which is very important here! There isn't anything particularly I'd like about this product in particular if you know exactly what needs doing then its fairly straight forward!! The most difficult thing was maybe working collaborately but once people got used they found it relatively easy compared elsewhere products where everyone tends just get stuck behind screens talking instead - there's always been plenty opportunity during any given meeting session so far no difficulties arising through lack knowledge base / understanding / collaboration between members. For now my time management I like that they have a lot of different modules that you can use to help automate your business processes. I think their support is also good. Sometimes it's hard to get through to them, but I'm always able to talk to someone within an hour or so. They have a good range of modules. It would be nice if they had more modules for larger businesses. I've only used one module so far (for accounting) but it has been very useful. I'm using it to automate invoicing and payments.

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Pros & cons

  • Also liked seeing who else uses same software
  • Not the best