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Review on ASUS Strix XG27UQR Gaming Monitor - 3840x2160p, 144Hz, Anti-Glare, Blue Light Filter, Flicker-Free, Tilt Adjustment by Marcus Lopez

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Great gaming monitor, disappointing quality! ASUS MUST UPGRADE THEIR GAME!

As a sweaty FPS player and streamer (Twitch/Youtuber) who owns a full ASUS computer and accessories, this monitor is nothing short of amazing. But it has some downsides that I want to talk about. I will list the pros and cons of ASUS ROG XG27UQR. Get ready to read the book! First I would like to list 2 disclaimers (warnings). Warning 1: If you are a console gamer who recently received a new PS5/Xbox X series and want to buy it, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS! This monitor ONLY has HDMI 2.0. This means that this monitor cannot display 4K, 120Hz for either PS5 or Xbox Series X (including the S series). So I suggest looking elsewhere for a 4K gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1 that supports 4k, 120Hz gaming for both consoles. Warning 2: I just found out that I unfortunately paid too much for this monitor. In total I paid $873 for this monitor ($800 price). However, the starting price of the XG27UQR is $700. So yes. Please be careful which seller you are buying this from. I don't know why this monitor was $800 a week ago and now it's $700? What? In any case. Here are the pros and cons of the monitor! Pros: -The packaging is REALLY good! It's easier to remove the box and monitor! - The monitor arm looks slim - The rear monitor looks amazing. very 'gamer' - games in 4k look amazing - really BEAUTIFUL colors! Well, bright! The monitor seems very fast and responsive, 27 inch is the best place for 4K gaming. Feels very comfortable, especially with my eyes. In addition, I find it a bit big. And now. Here are the cons and MASSIVE MINUS. Yes. gets a little worse. The monitor stand is just too big. Why can't game companies build smaller booths? I had to replace a new stand with a cheap Revain monitor stand and now have more desk space. hahaha.-VESA mount. For those who want to wall mount it or mount it on a smaller monitor stand, removing the plastic covering the screws is REALLY DIFFICULT. The first plastic is quite easy to remove. And here is the 2nd plastic part. it's really hard to remove it. I almost broke too! Asus! Make it easier for us next time! - It's safe to say USB ports are dead on arrival. For some reason none of my USB accessories work with the rear USB ports on this monitor. I have tested my USB accessories on my other monitors and they all work perfectly! It's just frustrating and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I also updated the drivers for this monitor and NOPE. still no. LMAO. Asus. it's almost 2022. I knew what the monitor looked like, but these bezels are something else. I was like "Wow. It's THICC!". And now HUGE minuses! - HDR Good. HDR on this monitor is GARBAGE! GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE! LMAO! I don't know if my monitor is broken but oh my god. HDR is TERRIBLE. If you plan to buy this monitor for HDR content, PLEASE BUY ANOTHER MONITOR! Hecc, you better get a 4K OLED TV! You'll be even better off with HDR turned off! HDR makes my screen much darker. I do not know why. AND NO. You cannot increase the monitor brightness in the monitor settings. Everything literally turns off when HDR is enabled. how come on ASUS.-SOFTWARE After updating the monitor to the latest firmware I saw a dark dimming already during the game. It looks like the monitor turns off for some strange reason. -BLACK LIGHT BLEED / IPS GLOW! Due to my ignorance I forgot that IPS panels have backlight bleeding. or Glowing IPS. I have to admit. After a few days of playing I still can't believe it. This IPS glow on the monitor is quite noticeable during dark scenes in games and even when loading screens. It actually annoys me and I don't know if I'll ever get over it as it's my main hardcore FPS and game streaming sweat monitor. Want the IPS glow to go away? Naturally! Just turn on HDR LMAO! YUP! Enabling crappy HDR removes the IPS glow, but of course everything else is darker now. All of my latest gaming monitors that I still use (TN, LED and even OLED) are much better and barely glow at all. blossoms. I'm shocked that this can pass quality control, but then again. I don't know if this is normal for IPS monitors. Also read that getting a good IPS monitor is generally a gamble. CONCLUSION! Overall this monitor is great with 4k 144Hz performance and pretty much everything. Crappy HDR, USB ports not working on arrival, large bezels, IPS glow. and spending an overpriced price on this monitor is actually starting to cheer me up and I'm already thinking about returning this monitor and maybe buying it again for a lower price or looking for a different brand. As a fan of ASUS, this is the first time I've been disappointed with their products. Why spend $700-$800 on this monitor when other brands offer 4K 144Hz monitors with HDMI 2.1 for next-gen consoles and maybe better quality? Is it worth buying? As an ASUS fan I would have said NO for the first time! Again, there are much better monitors out there that offer better quality, a lower price, and of course, HDMI 2.1. After my first few days with this monitor, I find it really hard to recommend it to anyone. Again, I might give this monitor another try simply because it's cheaper now. But I do not know. Most likely I will look for another brand!---------------------------------------------------- ----------- --------------------------------------- ---------- - ----------------------------------------------------- ----------- EDIT: Just returned the monitor and noticed that the monitor also dims when playing. I would absolutely avoid the XG27UQR unless you agree it's a lottery to get a decent quality monitor with no issues. hp The UPS employee told me at the return station that this is the third time she has seen the EXACT same monitor in the SAME WEEK! Asus ROG! PLEASE IMPROVE QUALITY CONTROL! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

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