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Review on LG 32UP550 W FreeSync Compatibility Connectivity 60Hz, Pivot Adjustment, Height Adjustment, Anti Glare Screen, ‎32UP550-W by Dustin Barrera

Difficult to calibrate colors for macOS, viewing angles aren't great.

I bought it to use with my 16" Macbook Pro in addition to the LG 27UN850 which I already had connected. Unlike other reviewers, the USB-C cable that came with LG works, giving me video, power, and a USB connection to the monitor. . Maybe LG replaced the cable with newer kits (I bought it on August 1st, 2021). The monitor looks and feels good, and the 32-inch size is fantastic for the price. 96W of power powers and charges my MacBook. at full power, unlike my 27UN850 which only puts out 65W of power and doesn't charge my laptop when I'm gaming or doing other power-hungry activities. While the monitor has two USB 3.0 ports, the built-in hub is a USB 2.0 only. This means if you connect devices (e.g. memory cards, hard drives) to the back of the monitor, the Mac can only access them at slow USB 2.0 speeds. Now to the display. First of all, you MUST go into the Mac display in the preferences and turn off "HDR mode" otherwise the colors will look very washed out and washed out. en After that, the colors looked wrong with the new "LG 4K" color profile created by Mac for the monitor. By entering the advanced mode "Calibration". In macOS Display Prefs I was able to get the colors close to right several times, but they were still quite different from the LG 27" and Macbook displays. It's worth noting that the LG 27" display's colors match the colors of the built-in display of the MacBook. accurate on the display, so the color profile is great for this monitor. If I weren't comparing these two other displays, I'd be very happy with the final calibrated color profile I created. The main issue I have with this display is the viewing angle. This is a 'VA' display which is not known for good viewing angles but LG claims this monitor has a 178º viewing angle so I bought it assuming there would be no problems. For me, when I'm sitting 30 inches from the screen, the center of the screen looks great, but all edges look faded and washed out, and text starts to look fuzzy. When I turn my head to the side, that side looks fine and the rest of the display looks faint. This is how "VA" ads work, but I found it too harsh and distracting for me. My LG 27UN850 is an IPS display that doesn't suffer from these issues and this 32UP550 looks bad next to it. As this should be my main monitor for the next few years I'll probably be returning it and just buying a second 27UN850 instead and falling for it due to the larger size and the 96W output. For gaming, video, or any kind of long-distance viewing, viewing angles aren't an issue, but for close-up text work (software development) an IPS display seems like the right choice.

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  • ‎AC
  • The screen flickered when connected to my MacBook Pro. I had to go back.

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