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Review on Philips H9505 Canceling Pro Performance Headphones by Bali Bali ᠌

The product is really good, I'm glad I purchased it.

I'll start with the main thing, which is difficult to accept: when connected to the LG 55UN73 TV, it is impossible to listen to headphones. The sound is broken. This is thrash. When connected to a Xiaomi Redmi 5 phone, the sound is also interrupted, but only for half a second, about once every 3-5 minutes. I suppose the reason is that the Bluetooth headphone module of the 5th version is not good friends with the old modules (the phone has Bluetooth 4.2, but I didn’t find any information about the TV, but this is a budget model, and I’m sure it’s definitely not version 5). Although backward compatibility is declared in the Bluetooth specification, and they should be friends, it is not specified how strong the friendship is. I tried to connect headphones to my wife's phone Xiaomi 10S (Bluetooth 5) - everything is fine. There are no audio interruptions. Now - about the merits (actually, why didn’t I return the headphones to the store): Personally, for me, the advantages outweighed this serious disadvantage. Firstly, the latest version of Bluetooth, thanks to which I can listen to better sound when my phone dies))) It’s not critical with a TV set, because I don’t watch TV with headphones, and there are priblud through which you can get Bluetooth 5 out of the TV set . When choosing, I compared models from different manufacturers, and they wrote about others that over time, cracks appear on the articulation of the headband with the headphone cups. And the design of the TAH9505 inspires confidence. Good sound with the ability to adjust the equalizer, which is located in the headphones themselves. That is, the setting is saved when connected to other devices. A super handy thing is the touchpad. Located on the right earpiece. Allows you to slide your finger up and down to adjust the volume, switch tracks or radio stations back and forth, pause or continue playback with a single touch, and if you cover the touchpad with several fingers, the music is muted and external microphones are turned on, broadcasting sound from the outside into your ear, and you can talk to people from the outside world I really liked the ability to connect headphones by wire. You can play the electric guitar without delay. There is a case!

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Pros & cons

  • Good sound, they sit comfortably on the head, good noise isolation of the design itself, the design is durable, Bluetooth has a long range, the touchpad on the right earphone works cool, in the mobile application you can adjust the headphone equalizer for yourself, the possibility of wired connection.
  • The sound is interrupted via Bluetooth (I wrote more in the comments)

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