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Review on HABA USA by Steven Gray

Their toys promote early development and balance

HABA USA is a store that sells only HABA toys and products. I was very exited to see this store here, because we own many HABA toys for my youngest daughter - she always takes them out to play with them :). This is an awesome toy store located in Chantilly, Virginia.
It's pretty spacious shop that has all the usual HABA products on display - wooden puzzles, games, baby development toys etc. And also some unusual stuff too! Like electric walker... :)

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They have special section for German books so you can pick up something nice there too. They have both English & German versions of the books, which is great if you are not sure what your children understand better or don't know anything about German language yet. They also have very nice German teddy bears, some are not usual teddy bears, they are pretty amazing playsets - HABA makes play sets of many characters.
they are called "Wangels" - they have little magnets inside so you can join them together into long snakes or whatever comes to your mind :). How cool is that?! I haven't seen anyone else making little soft toys like this :)

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Every time I see new things at HABA USA store my eyes just go straight for the Boley Dollhouse set! This toy has been on my wish list for a while now. Fortunately it's still available in their shop :).

Pros & cons

  • They offer a wide variety of products for children at all stages in life
  • Come explore their history! It's not just about the products they sell.
  • No obvious return policy