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Review on Honor Watch GS Pro Smart Watch by Ada Marcinkowska ᠌

It's not a good product, it's a pity that I spent money on it.

I compared them with the functionality of Amazfit Bip S, yes they are half the price, yes they do not look so serious, but it's all a matter of taste. If you highlight the cons compared to HONOR Watch GS Pro: 1. The display, of course, cannot be compared with an amold, but it also has a plus, it is always visible, and the backlight turns on very rarely. 2. In the latest firmware versions, I stopped counting steps on the elliptical trainer, I used to count. Yes, and he has, of course, less training. 3. You can not answer the call, only reset and turn off the sound. 4. Autonomy has become worse compared to the old BIP, at the level of HONOR Watch GS Pro - 2 weeks. 5. Niggling: does not measure oxygen, less protected, although there is also 5ATM.

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Pros & cons

  • Everyone already knows the advantages, they are quite solid, at this price (10 tr) probably the best autonomy. good display, not killed, you can answer calls. Yes, in general, not bad, if not for the minuses that I am not ready to put up with, I send it back to the seller:
  • 1. The dials on the splash screen, there are few of them, they are not informative, you can not add others. 2. When the screensaver is activated, by turning the wrist, you can wake up the watch only to view notifications, it is impossible to activate the main screen, to see detailed information, you need to press the button. 3. Notifications on the display are too large, there is not enough text, it is not convenient to read. 1-2 words per line, 4 lines. Not configurable. Application icons in notifications are missing, not informative. 4. In notifications, emoticons, pictures, voice messages, all this is not available. 5. Huawei Health does not sync with Strava. 6. Synchronization of Huawei Health with Google Fit castrated, only steps, no activity. For example, you won’t be able to participate in marathons and challenges in Stayfitt, add everything manually, why only such watches? 7. Autonomy 7-10% per day with active use. 8. There is no official up-to-date Huawei Health application on Google Play, either download it manually or install a third-party application store. 9. Voice training in English, no 2022, although the entire menu is translated well. 10. To install third-party dials, hemorrhoids options, one of the easiest is to install a modified Huawei Health application, download the dial through it, then put back the official one, and set it again each time, alarms, applications from which notifications are needed, settings in the cloud are not saved. 11. The price, who took them at the start for 19tr, poor fellows, I paid 10 for them, and now I'm ready to sell, there are too many inconveniences.

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