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Review on FEATOL Lower Back Brace For Men And Women - Adjustable Back Support Belt For Heavy Lifting, Work, And Pain Relief From Sciatica And Scoliosis (Size L) by Mark Raj

Revainrating 4 out of 5

One of the better, light duty back braces I've used.

I have tried all different kinds and styles of lower back - braces over the years, trying to find a couple that truly support me in a manner that works for my needs. But I keep going back to a waist trainer - which isn't intended as a back brace at all. I find the neoprene fabric that stretches and Velcro's in place, works the very best for my type of lower back pain. It holds me in just enough and the neoprene keeps natural heat against my back. It's a light support that always ends up working the best - until I tried this brace.When I saw this back brace, I wanted to give it a try, as I really do need something that offers more support than just a neoprene waist trainer. And this one has ended up being one that I actually use now. It has that section over the middle of your back that contours a bit as you tighten it up against your body. Nothing super stiff or form fitted, so it's flexible enough to move with you, but give you that bounce back effect that helps you straighten back up without fully needing your muscles to do all the work.The front of the belt fits around my flabby stomach and is in the right location that it doesn't roll and is wide enough to help with support. It has the side elastics that you pull to however tight you need for the support you're looking for. And I love that these have a little ribbon that keeps them from flopping down when you drop them. I almost aways drop them as I try to tighten them, and then need to fiddle around trying to grab them - NOT with this, they don't fall, but remain by your hands should you lose your grip. I really, really like that part the best!But this is uncomfortable next to the skin. It does say to wear over clothing, but I find that to be the most inconvenient method for wearing a back brace! You have to remove it to use the bathroom or change clothing. I don't like to remove it once I get it in that perfect spot and at the perfect tightness. I like to set it and forget it, not take it on and off throughout the day. So, this needs a tank top under it for me to wear it under my clothing. Which is fine, but it is an extra layer of clothing I'd prefer not to wear. But for the comfort and how well this has ended up working for me, I can live with a tank top under my T-shirt.I find this brace works great for when I'm doing yard work, or other activities where I'll be using my back a lot. It also helps prevent injury for when I know I'll be lifting things and works better than the waist trainer does. I still use the waist trainer for when I have a sore back, as it just keeps the heat in better and I can wear it all day without feeling confined in movement.

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  • Lumbar Supports
  • It may be difficult to adjust the straps to achieve the right level of support