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Review on Phanteks PH ES314ETG_BK Tempered Aluminum Illumination by Yusri ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just super, the product is made wonderfully, very satisfied.

The corps chose itself for a long time and painfully. The introductory ones were as follows: I want to collect dropsy, I want a tempered glass cover, well, it would be nice to have a backlight from an address tape. Went through a bunch of options. And then, while looking through reports from Computex, I came across a video with this case. And that's it. Fell head over heels in love. As soon as, in September 2022, the case went on sale in one well-known German store, I immediately ordered it. The case met my expectations 100%. Moreover. As a person who has assembled, probably, hundreds of computers (I work at the assembly plant of their own), I can say that of all the cases that have passed through my playful little hands, it was with this case that I was most pleased to work. I didn't have any major build problems. Everything is neat and well thought out. Enough space to work. But this is a miditower, not a fulltower. By cooling. To begin with, I note that extremely good fans come with the case. But, because I built a computer with lighting, whistles and fakes, the fans were replaced with Tt Riing Plus. Configuration - in front 3x120 for blowing in, top - 3x120 for blowing out, on the processor a double tower with two 140 and another 140 on the rear panel for blowing hot air. After setting up the motherboard to manage all this economy, the system works both quietly and efficiently. No problems with overheating and during the test overclocking 8700K to 5Ghz. Even after installing the video card vertically, there were no problems with cooling. I just had to fiddle with the correct settings for the front fans. I haven't assembled a kit for assembling dropsy yet. When it's ready, I'll add a review. At the moment, the CPU is AIO from Enermax. 360mm radiator put on top. There are 3x140 fans in the front, driven by a video card. On the back wall 120mm fan outlet. Noise only appears under heavy load. Another thing that was important to me was that the terminal panel is on the front. When you sit at the table, it is not difficult to reach the connectors. Definitely recommend!

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  • The main advantages: workmanship, ease of assembly and thoughtfulness. No cooling problems found.
  • The only negative that I encountered in this case is that when assembling water cooling, the length of video cards is decently limited. Because a radiator, fans and a reservoir are placed in front, then this whole sandwich interferes with the installation of a vidyuhi. Output: either a riser for vertical installation (my choice) or the selection of a video card by length. Another minus is the absence of baskets for 2.5 ssd \ hdd in the kit, which are attached to the back of the motherboard tray. Not critical, but at a rather big price, saving on 3 pieces of iron looks bad.