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Review on Apple IPad Pro 11 Inches (Late 2018) 256GB by Elang ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A very high-quality product, I take it not for the first time.

It is very difficult to write something new about a gadget that already has hundreds of reviews and unpackings on the Internet. Therefore, I will write my impressions, as well as whether or not it is worth buying it. Before ipad pro 2022, I had 3 ipads and 4, and ipad 2022 (not to be confused with pro) managed to use my father. Ipad pro 2022 is the company's top tablet. The main difference from previous models was FaceID: it works perfectly: in the dark, and at an angle, and even if you turn the camera down. There are no questions about the speed of operation. The frames have become thinner, but for 3 days of use I did not notice a single phantom click. The screen is excellent, there is nothing to add. I can’t say anything about performance, since ipad 2022 also works just as fast for my needs: surfing the Internet and YouTube, plus toys. 2 applications at the same time - yes (and even three), but this is rather the merit of 12 IOS. The tablet is very thin, so I recommend a protective case right away. In the official store, it costs 7.5 k for a case that protects one of the 4 sides of the tablet. And not the originals have not yet gone on sale, the entire Budenovsky market bypassed. Let's wait. Price - a separate conversation! 66 thousand for a device in the minimum configuration (my copy) is very expensive. But on the other hand, the current iPad still cost about $ 800 (I bought the fourth iPad 6 years ago in the USA for about this amount). Well, the fact that for the 2022s everything has risen in price by 2 times is "the merit of another gentleman." I didn’t buy a stylus and a keyboard, because I don’t need it. Regarding 4G in the tablet - I think it's superfluous. The tablet is almost always in the wi-fi zone. And if you are going somewhere, now almost every phone is able to "distribute" the Internet. Is it worth it to overpay for the Ipad pro 2022, or just buy the Ipad 2022 and save 40 thousand (which is also fast and can do almost the same thing as the firmware)? It's up to you. In fact, an overpayment for the screen diagonal, FaceID and 2 speakers. I decided that it was worth it, because I use things for a long time.

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  • - Face ID - Screen - Performance - Tactile sensations (assembly)
  • - Price, but taking into account the comment below, this minus is conditional - Camera. Personally, I don’t need a camera in a tablet from the word at all. And here it also protrudes by a few millimeters. It is not convenient to put on a flat surface. - Sound. I won’t say that it’s bad, but I expected more from 4 speakers, including in terms of volume. Although you can watch videos on a quieter sound compared to previous iPads (this matters for a small child), the sound has become more focused or something. - The price of accessories is a clear minus. - Battery life - Apple could have provided a bigger battery.

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November 16, 2022
Pros: Comfortable, good quality Has cons: Often freezes, especially if you use telegram
November 16, 2022
With its pros. Juicy display. Loud speakers. Ease. Got cons: For me, the power cable is very fragile and short.