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Review on BONECO Humidifier Air Washer W300 by Adhi Surya Buana (Ad ᠌

Everything about the purchase suits me, a very necessary product.

1) differences between "air washer", "air humidifier", "air purifier" and "air conditioner". Sink - An internal fan forces air from the room into the sink, where the air passes through the water, leaving dirt in the water, and then out into the room. The air is cleaned from external dirt, large allergens such as fluff. The air is humidified by 10 percent. Humidifier - water from the tank is sprayed into the air. The air is not cleaned in any way, the dirt remains, the air can be greatly humidified by 40 percent. Purifier - drives room air through the filter system inside the device. There is no water in it, so it does not moisturize. Cleans the air much stronger than washing, eliminates odors, kills bacteria in the presence of UV. Such a device is needed for allergy sufferers. Climate control is 2 in 1: Washer + cleaner. The incoming air passes through filters, like a purifier, and then is driven through the water. 2) Compared to other brands, the washing element here is a soft sponge on the drum, which can be removed at any time and easily washed under running water or in a washing machine. 3) Differences from w200. This is the same w200, but with an 8 liter tank. In w200, you need to rinse the pan and pour water into it, which is inconvenient and little water will be poured. When working 24/7, you will have to change 2-3 times a day. The pallet there is 4 liters, it is completely inconvenient and heavy to fill it. In the w300, you also need to wash the pan and pour water into the tank. It is also possible to pour water into the pan, but it is not necessary. As a result, I have an 8 liter tank enough for 24 hours. In terms of dimensions, the w300 is larger by the thickness of the tank (about 10 cm), it does not particularly affect. In the descriptions they write that the w200 does not have a silver rod, this is not so, it is in both models. Differences from w400. The w400 has a more powerful and productive engine, there is a hygrometer (shows humidity), there are additional functions, a humidity maintenance mode, ionization, phone control. The same size. The water in the pan and the sponge turn yellow due to water with a large amount of iron.

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Pros & cons

  • moisturizes well relatively quiet enough water for a day when working 24/7 water doesn't dry out quality plastic I began to breathe through my nose and stopped coughing
  • big enough white color brand periodically a gurgle is heard when the water from the tank is drained into the sump. The fan itself is quiet, you can hear it in normal mode and almost inaudibly at night.

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November 17, 2022
Got pros: Washes fine. You can see dust and fluff in the pan. Hydrates up to 51%. Comrat 12 meters. With an open balcony, the humidity is 37%. Got cons: Noisy in second gear. The first one is tolerable.
November 16, 2022
Its pros: Easy to maintain, does not make noise at all at night, humidifies the room well With its cons. A strange silver rod with a white solution of colloidal silver, xs does it or not, but the water still begins to bloom if it is not changed for several days
November 16, 2022
Some pros: Powerful and comfortable Has some cons Tank is heavy when full Bright diode on the front panel
November 16, 2022
Has some pros Design, packaging quality (the sink itself in the box was in a bag, in my opinion, super), assembly, almost noiselessness, efficiency. Has cons: It seems to me that there is an extraneous sound at low speeds.
November 16, 2022
The thing is cool, a huge tank of water and one twister with two modes of operation, powerful and quiet. Humidity rose from 30% to 46% in 5 hours