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Review on ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset: Elevating Communication and Safety in the Skies by Mark Erandio

Revainrating 4 out of 5

It's everything you need for general aviation training - skip the more expensive options

I bought this headset for VFR training, I've never owned a headset. I looked at a number of options before deciding on this one. That's all you need for basic general aviation training. You do NOT have to spend 3-4 times more than this headset for a fancy headset. Your instructor will have a trendy one, but you won't. I wore this headset everyday 4-6 hours a day and it worked great. Good sound quality, decent noise cancellation, a good microphone and an acceptable weight on the head. It's snug on the ears, which is good for hearing and noise-cancelling, but gets a little tiring and getting used to after a few hours, especially if you wear glasses like me. You can choose mono or stereo, which is a nice feature (to my surprise, I used mono a lot as it was enough to hear well). All in all this is a good quality basic headset and if you are a student pilot this is all you need.

  • Multiple competitors
  • unreliable

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April 06, 2023
Great Headset