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Review on πŸ–¨οΈ Comgrow Creality Ender Aluminum 220X220X250Mm: Reliable yet Affordable 3D Printer for Home and Business Use by Sasha Hsiao

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Great start to the world of 3D printing!

The desire to explore "from the inside" the world of 3D printing, I burned for a long time. And at the beginning of 2019, I decided to buy Ender-3. At first, for a very long time I chose, read, learned the difference between the kinematics of 3D printers, guides, hot ends, etc. - in general, I plunged into the materiel. The choice was: Ender-3 vs Anet a8 vs i3 mega. After all the wanderings, views on YouTube, reading reviews, I chose the Ender-3. And I did not regret and do not regret now! I ordered it through aliexpress, but chose to ship from the Russian warehouse. Delivered it to me in an amazing 5 days! Which surprised me and made me even more happy. Assembling the Ender-3 is not difficult, since there is a detailed instruction in the kit and a LOT of reviews and videos on the Internet. In general, the printer is very popular. You can always find answers to emerging difficulties, which, for example, I had two in half a year. The main problem of all Chinese printers (not only Ender-3) is the curved table. Yes, on my Ender-3, the table is a little crooked, this is solved by glass or a special surface for printing, and glass and a branded surface come with the printer in some configuration. Be careful when ordering! I ordered a complete set with glass and a surface for printing. The rest - guides, motors, electronics - everything is smooth, whole. I typed a lot! Everything in a row :) and different plastics. Now the pace has slowed down, but a little. The printer works as it should, no complaints. For all the time nothing has been replaced by a breakdown. Just changed or added for modernization. And I did a lot of upgrades. Again, I repeat, there is a lot of information on the Internet and modernization does not cause difficulties. The only thing I ordered new nozzles, relatives did not last long - but nozzles are consumables! I must say right away that the system with a movable table (the so-called "drygostol") is very efficient (I was worried at first - I looked at much more expensive printers with a rising table). Yes, it was not possible to achieve high print speeds (I have more than 120 mm / s - and then with some plastics, I usually print 60 - 80 mm / s), BUT! such kinematics, in principle, cannot give high speed. The same goes for the size of the table. You always want more, for the future, with a margin. But the same reason - with such a speed printing, the size of the table is more!!! than enough! Now about the encoder. For a very long time I thought that it would be very inconvenient to use it, and I wanted a printer with a touch screen, BUT! Now I think that with a touch screen it would be convenient, but it is fraught with false clicks in the wrong direction. The encoder is about simplicity, which means no extra places that the screen can break. Moreover, there are not very many operations for interacting with the printer through the encoder. In general, I'll think about installing OCTOPRINT, especially on Ender-3 it's easy. In general, I really like Ender-3! I enjoy typing with him. Even out of the box, without modifications prints great! I recommend Ender-3 for immersing yourself in the world of 3D. An excellent and not expensive printer to "feel with the handles" of 3D printing. I would characterize it as an ordinary 3D printer that prints well without any bells and whistles! I will give photos from different stages of the "life" of the printer. On the latter, everything that is light brown plastic is modifications printed by the way on the same printer.

img 1 attached to πŸ–¨οΈ Comgrow Creality Ender Aluminum 220X220X250Mm: Reliable yet Affordable 3D Printer for Home and Business Use review by Sasha Hsiao


  • Reliable
  • Crooked table.

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