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Review on HP EliteDisplay 27 Inch Monitor 1FH52A8 ABA - 2560X1440 Resolution, Integrated USB Hub, ‎5QG34A8#ABA, LCD by Rohit Lahiri

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HP EliteDisplay E273q 27-inch monitor review

The 27-inch HP EliteDisplay E273q monitor at a glance. Overall not bad with some caveats, would be better with better color adjustments, tilt and swivel, swivel (portrait mode), height adjustment (but not high enough), 27 inch limit to use HP EliteDisplay 27 inch monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and LED backlight, black/silver (1FH52A8#ABA) - not suitable for gaming (low refresh rate, no g-sync), better for office work - nice looks - good value for money 27 inch HP E273q is an IPS display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. This display is similar to the Dell U2715H and has the same resolution. The Dell U2715H fatal error is a firmware bug that causes Dell to randomly hibernate and shut down. Don't expect to use the HP E273q for competitive gaming. This activity requires a much more expensive display with a high refresh rate and G-Sync/Free-Sync. E273q height adjustable. However, the height of the E273q stand is 14 inches compared to 15 inches for similar Dell displays. A lot of people might miss the extra inch and might want some sort of stand on the bottom to add height. In other words, comparable Dell monitors can be placed higher. The HP E273q rotates horizontally into portrait mode, which seems like an important feature for work displays. It also seems that some companies have dropped this feature recently (probably due to the introduction of dual monitor stands). The HP E273q includes a USB hub. However, the hub can only be connected via USB-C and only has 2 USB ports. The rear entrance area of the HP E273q is the same as that of the Dell U2715H, however HP did not include a cover for the backplane areas. The wrapping of similar Dell displays makes the back of the Dell display more attractive. After some use, it turned out that 2560x1440 pixels works best for displays with a diagonal of 25 inches or less. With a diagonal of 27 inches and a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, the pixels approach visibility and perception. For a 27-inch display, a 3840 x 2160 resolution probably seems more ideal, even though they're a lot more expensive. , or as a reliable system for adjusting color, contrast, brightness. After many tweaks, I still couldn't get the cool "daylight white" that I prefer and that I can easily achieve with Dell monitors. The HP E273q's customization controls are activated via convenient mechanical buttons. below the lower right edge of the display. Some Dell monitor buyers are complaining about touch button issues on many Dell displays. HP's mechanical keys actually seem to be just as good, if not better, alternatives to the Dell-style capacitive touch keys. Summary: If your eyes don't notice pixels of this physical size, you can adjust the white balance and color to your liking, and you're not looking for a lot of built-in USB ports from the display, this monitor has a good set of features, especially at a price of £349 $.95.

img 1 attached to HP EliteDisplay 27 Inch Monitor 1FH52A8 ABA - 2560X1440 Resolution, Integrated USB Hub, ‎5QG34A8#ABA, LCD review by Rohit Lahiri

  • Built-in devices: USB hub, Power consumption during operation: 75 W, Power consumption during standby: 500 mW, VESA mount compatible: Yes, Height: 14.3", width: 24.1", depth: 1.9" , Height with stand: 20.60", Width with stand: 24.10", Depth with stand: 8.40" Weight with stand (approx.): 16.31 lbs,
  • Limited size options

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