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Review on Breathable Modal Boxer Trunks Underpants - Arjen Kroos Men'S Sexy Briefs For Enhanced Comfort by Luis Green

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Light & air-ee - my new review

Here's some stats for the waist size M, which I ordered:Waist: 14" laid flat, slack, so 28" total.Pouch: from bottom of waistband to bottom of pouch, 5"Pouch: laid on side front to back 3" at center, so total 6" across.and roughly 4" at the bottom, but does not double; hard to describe.These are described as "mesh".I wouldn't describe them as mesh, but the fabric has what I would call "micro-holes" in it; not solid, not exactly "mesh".At 5'10" 165#, the size mediums are quite comfortable. I would describe these as bedroom/loungewear, as well as something great to wear under jeans. I could have probably gone with a size small in these.These allow for a lot of movement as far as the man parts go; more side to side than up and down bobbing, but there is a bit of that too when walking around.After wearing these around for a while, the seam down the center of the pouch leaves an indent impression on Mr. Happy's head and a bit down his shaft. I've seen this with other pouches with that same construction. In cases like that, I wear them inside out; problem solved.The product page says to hand wash.Didn't do that; not gonna.I machine washed these (warm) and machine dried them; (low) with my other laundry.To be able to do that, you MUST put them in a laundry lingerie bag; you can get them here, or sometimes at a local dollar type store.I tried these on out of the package and then after laundering; they came out fine; same feel/size and no unraveling or loose threads, but again, use the lingerie bag and you'll be fine.The product page also says "suitable for beach, swimming".Uh, I think that's a bit of a stretch; I wouldn't wear these out in public and I lap swim wearing a speedo 3 times a week at a public pool. Maybe at a swimsuit optional beach or your own backyard pool, but not in public; maybe it's just me.These will be an enjoyable addition to my "funderwear" collection.I hope this review has enabled you to make an informed purchase decision.(I rarely give an overall 5 star rating).

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