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Review on Epson'S 2022 Ultra LS800: 4K PRO-UHD, HDR, 150" Projection With Smart Streaming And Built-In Yamaha Speakers! by William Turner

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great picture and Great for a Projector Newbie

This is my first projector. Like so many on here I did a lot of research. I also got a Benq v7050i to see how much better DLP might be, since this was cheaper and got the highest overall score in a recent Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector "showdown” competition. It turned out I’m extremely sensitive to the "Rainbow Effect” or RBE, to the point of nausea. And all available projectors that are UST and DLP can cause rainbow effect regardless of what you see advertised, even the most expensive options!Oh well. It’s a good thing I really like the Epson LS800. I’m replacing an OLED TV with this projector. I’m projecting at 103” on a screen I also bought on Revain - Elite Aeon CLR3, which is designed specifically for USTs. The projector is bright in all conditions of my living room and always shows a great picture, even though it’s technically not 4k. Compared to the Epson, motion with the Benq projector was not as smooth and felt choppier to everyone in the family, not just me. The motion on the Epson feels very natural and comfortable, even better than my OLED TV.I really like that the screen does not reflect any other light in the room, a quality that really bugs me about OLED TVs even thought I love them. This is true with any projector. In a living room where there are lights, the black colors/levels on this Epson are basically the same color as the screen you use. In my case that is grey, but the blacks get better and better as the light goes down until they are nearly perfect.I didn’t expect this but I find the Epson projector easy to watch in total darkness. My OLED tv could actually be too harsh in some ways or has some type of less natural quality that strained my eyes.Overall I am enjoying the Epson more than my OLED TV. The bigger picture is truly immersive. I really like that I can truly use this as a high quality TV. It’s really not a huge step down in picture quality and is better in other ways. I do wish it supported Dolby Vision like everything else I have. I am honestly not missing Dolby Vision that much. I also wish it had a TV tuner for my local stations. I ended up buying one of those too for about $100 on Revain, but it has way more features than a built-in TV tuner. I’d have bought this TV tuner earlier if I knew about the product.Some worry about fan noise. It’s actually pretty quiet and is adjustable with the remote, by changing the brightness. And even on low it’s pretty bright during the day - with the UST screen.When I was setting it up, which Epson made easy, the light that hit the wall was much dimmer than the light on the screen. Speaking of setup, the Epson instructions tell you everything except what specific app to use to very easily adjust the picture to fit your screen! In the Apple store, the app is called "Epson Setting Assistant” and did not come up when I searched at first…Hopefully this tip spares you some frustration…If you want simple, this projector is pretty easy, but you will probably want a screen if you buy any UST projector. I believe this either is or is close to the brightest UST projector, and I am still glad I bought a screen. The Benq was bright enough too, with the screen. I didn’t have to play with settings much at all. It was easy, perfect for this projector newbie. I’m happy I got this instead of upgrading to a 83” OLED. Our new living room TV experience was definitely worth the extra thought to figure out projectors and worth the risk of trying this projector out. We’re keeping it!

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