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Review on Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Global, black by Eh Pyaw Paw ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

Is the product good compared to mi band 2 and honor band 3? yes, it is definitely better than both and more thoughtful. do not be afraid of his size in the photo or the thin arms of models in advertising. Is its screen brighter than mi band 2? No, only the color is colder. is it worth buying? costs.

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img 2 attached to Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Global, black review by Eh Pyaw Paw ᠌
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  • 1. sits in the bracelet even tighter and more confidently than previous models 2. there is a 2022 official firmware 3. learned to measure the pulse intervals (on the second band only through third-party software) 4. view notifications 5. shows the weather for 3 days (photo 2) 6. 3 dials 7. convenient charging cradle 8. added more various functions 9. touch screen 10. The strap is softer, more comfortable and has more precise coverage adjustment. 11. The touch button has become much more sensitive and reacts to the skin of any humidity. the second band might not react at all to dry fingers.
  • 1. the size is slightly larger than the second band, but depending on which hand 2. rounded corners of the capsule and therefore it is easier to touch or scratch it somewhere. if worn, you can stick adhesive tape and use it carefully 3. The heart rate monitor shows + -2 beats (which is good) in comparison with the same mi band 2, but sometimes it can be stupid and measure badly. however, in the latest firmware, it already adequately measures and you can see how, after activity, the pulse gradually decreases 4. the touch screen is cool, but sometimes I'm scrolling through the items vertically and can jump off to the left or right 5. For a day just wearing on the arm lost 11% of the charge. He eats the battery somehow faster than the second band. discharge charge cycles conducted. 6. The screen glares in the light (photo 3) strongly due to its shape, but it is readable. of course the second band was better in this regard 7. The oleophobic coating on the screen is worse, unlike the second band. the second bend could be smeared and the screen was clearly readable. in the third model, after contact with my fingers, it’s like a light mist / haze on my screen. unpleasant, but not infuriating. however, the same adhesive tape helped from this trouble 8. in the extreme 2022 official firmware, it transfers words in notifications not according to the rules of the 2022 language, but what would fit more on each line (photo 1), but you can read it and it's much better than the second band. 9. The screen is easily scratched. I advise you to glue tape / film or a transparent film with a close-fitting on the screen.

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July 14, 2023
With its pros. cool thing is xiaomi NFS is not present, but I would like to Has some cons I got these or not, but nfs is a pity no
July 13, 2023
Has some pros Convenient display, water resistance, autonomy, and easy setup, price Has cons: Not a durable strap, for 1 month it turned into, roughly speaking, not very. The heart rate monitor sometimes lies.