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preparation for strengthening ligaments and joints vplab absolute joint, 400 gr. logo

Got pros: Good quality. Big pack, cheap discount. Lies, if not in a damp place, normally opened for more than a month, does not crumple. Some cons: You can’t gobble up one at once, the powder is hygroscopic, it’s scary that it will go bad.See full review

car compressor xiaomi lydsto portable car tire inflator (ym-cqb01) logo

I really liked the look and compactness. Definitely not noisier than usual. The wheels of the car shake. I am satisfied with the purchase.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

in general, the TV is excellent for its price, if you do not take the slow interface as the basis. WI-FI slows down a little so it's better to connect about it.See full review

shopping bag / checkered trunk bag / market bag 90x60x30 cm / bags for moving logo

I bought 2 bags - this one and the model is longer, black and white. I don’t know why, but none of the shortcomings stated above were in the second bag. Therefore, you need to choose with caution and be sure to check the quality at the point of issue.See full review

h7 led lamps with canbus 10800 lmn logo

I put the lamps, they stood up like shtatki halogen. They shine perfectly, the light is not cold white, but warmer than it pleased, even in the rain there will be a video of the road, I put it on Folks Golf 6. There are no errors on the tidy.See full review


From such an advertised, expensive and popular (many positioned as "the best") action camera, to be honest, I expected a lot. In addition to the quality of the video, I expected to see high reliability, reliability and ease of use, as well as good software and support. I'll start with the most important thing - the quality of the video - it is really excellent: the clarity of details, the richness of colors, the liveliness of the picture - everything is at the highest level! Turning the recordinSee full review


I bought these lamps in mid-December 2022. In mid-July 2022, one lamp burned out. Warranty until December 2022. Under the guarantee, no one undertakes to change. The service center said that the lamps are not repairable. does not get in touch at all.See full review


I bought it as a temporary replacement for broken mechanics, now I'm so used to it that I don't want to change it. I'll take a couple for spares. Has pros: As a keyboard - no complaints, the key travel and volume are normal, there is a tactile sensation of the key actuation. Different cons: After a few months of use, the legs began to peel off, the marking of the "W" key was erased)See full review


if necessary, make an opening in a wooden wall, cut down a tree, disassemble the structure, cut metal - the best solution. super device.See full review


I want to say that the connection was even more troublesome. 40 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to connect light bulbs (I have three of them in my chandelier). After thinking, I found, it seems to me, the only connection option: first connect one, then tell Alice to turn it off. Screw in the second bulb and make the connection. Ask Alice to turn it off. And only then set up the third. Then they will work properly. Due to problems with connecting 3/5See full review


I skated on two cars for 70,000 each on Prima HP and Prima 3. Now I took a set of 4. While I was thinking about taking the price tag increased from 4700 to 6200. As a result, I found it for 5300. Production in 2022, like the previous ones. Everything is fine, except for the noise from the sand on the doors and thresholds. This was not the case for the third generation. While unusual and a little annoying. Waiting for dry weather, because. manifests itself on wet and dirty coatings. In the rest -See full review


I use it in the kitchen. The kitchen is brick, and now it's still cool at night. Enough in the first mode to warm up the entire kitchen in a few minutes. I advise everyone. I don’t know the gas consumption yet, but a neighbor in the same mode has enough for a season of one cylinder of 27 liters. Please follow the instructions when using. First, let the first stage warm up to red and only then turn on the rest. I turned on everything at once and the protective wire overheated, now black is uglySee full review


Got a cool music speaker. You can also from the network, you can listen to music offline. It is convenient to control via phone, switch your favorite tracks. I like the purchase.See full review

charcoal grill weber go anywhere, 43x31x41 cm logo

Ideal grill for a picnic. Rectangular shape fits well in the trunk of a car. It is convenient to take with you to parks in picnic areas. Enough for a group of up to 10 people. Handles both steaks and vegetables.See full review


With its pros: beautiful appearance, temperature and water pressure settings Cons below: THIN COPPER RADIATOR, after half a year of use it began to leak, it turned out that it was leakySee full review

petrol cultivator daewoo dat 3530 (3.5hp, 26cm) logo

For ordinary beds and a greenhouse, it is suitable both in size and in work. It is not suitable for virgin lands, and it is easy for them to process normal land in the beds, since it is no longer a stone. After the passage, you only need to correct the sides with a rake, otherwise the ground is ready immediately. Got pros: Not heavy. He takes the earth in the beds in a greenhouse calmly. It grinds all the clods, the earth turns out good. According to operation at the level of lawn mowers, the fuSee full review


Headphones are ideal for computer games. The sound is transmitted without unnecessary sounds, loud, they also fit perfectlySee full review


It takes a long time for support to get in touch, more than some template answers. It's been a few days now with no refund or exchange. Moreover, he took the goods themselves - they did not accept them, they said they would take them away. And now I have to take them to the warehouse again. More inconvenience brought.See full review


I bought it to replace old speakers and immediately noticed the difference. The sound quality and volume are all good. I recommendSee full review

adapter palmexx to qi wireless charging universal / usb type-c logo

In general, a good thing for rare uses. There is a problem, this thing heats up, and then wireless charging turns off from overheating for safety reasons.See full review

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