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Review on Klipsch Fives Powered Speaker System by Keisuke F Kuga ᠌

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

Well, finally, I am ripe to leave a review about Klipsch The Fives, the speakers that I purchased in November 2022 after a lot of choice and unwillingness to give almost 100,000 due to my audiophile addiction. But I still could not resist, and now I'll tell you how it all happened. Let's start with the background: my first speakers were simple Microlabs, then the more conscious and mature Edifier R2700s. There is nothing to tell about Microlab, the usual middle peasant, Edifier terribly pleased me, went through fire and water with me and always impressed with their powerful influx of sound. But time passes and the feeling of sound wants to be ated. This is what brought me to DrHead on a chilly November evening. The goal was simple, to listen to Klipsch The Fives, there was not even a thought about buying, but something called love at first sight happened. Managers forcibly kicked me out of the listening room, but I didn't want to leave, my impression of the sound of these speakers was so strong. They swallowed any music without choking. How powerfully rock began to play, such pressure went beyond words, and what a bass, it is so velvety, immersive, opening up new facets in electronic music. Not to mention the vocals, it felt like every vocalist, singer, sings just for you. Speaking of speakers in general terms, these are active speakers that are ideal for a home theater, turntable or laptop. They powerfully pump any room, but when you sit close to them, the bass becomes more affectionate to your ears. All wires were included, you can connect both via USB and AUX, there is also a built-in phono stage and DAC in the speakers, which allows you to bypass the laptop's sound card for better sound. The protective curtains are very conveniently made, which are easily put on and removed with the help of magnets. I also want to note that a very high-quality sound is obtained through bluetooth. In general, I recommend it with pleasure!

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Pros & cons

  • Sound quality, versatility, easy setup, design
  • Very crude software, all documentation in English.

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