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Review on UPPAbaby MINU Stroller MESA Adapter by Kio Walker ᠌

I'm impressed! Exactly the product deserves your attention.

Overall, I really liked the stroller. Moreover, Mark liked her, but he does not ride on all wheelchairs, we have already checked. In the weather conditions that we tested it, minu proved to be very good. I mean, its stability, maneuverability, folding system, maneuverability, well, weight. I felt very comfortable riding it.

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Pros & cons

  • It just so happened that snow fell in Hong Kong at that time, but a thaw began. Can you imagine in what weather conditions we started testing it?😬. But despite all this, I want to say with confidence that the stroller is simply excellent in its weight category. 1) Weight. The stroller weighs about 7 kg and it has a strap so that it is convenient to carry it over your shoulder. Despite the light weight, the stroller is very stable. 2) Maneuverability. This stroller drives very well in any situation. It is maneuverable both in the shopping center and on the street. I want to note that we tested it during snow and thaw. The stroller went perfectly through melted snow, just through snow and small snowdrifts. 3) Compactness. The stroller is really small, its chassis is 52 cm, when folded it takes up little space. In any elevator passes quietly 4) Convenience for the child. I'll start from the top of the stroller: - there is a window for ventilation. It is convenient that the "lid" is assembled and fastened with a button, and silently magnetized back. - the hood is very long with an additional visor that protects the child from the sun. This saves you from buying an extra visor. - soft sitting, the child is comfortable to sit in a carriage. Moreover, despite its size, the child was comfortable to sit even in outerwear. - with the help of tapes, you can find the position in which the child will be comfortable to ride in a stroller or even sleep. 5) Conveniences for Mom: - There is an extra pocket on the back for small items. Not all strollers have this. - a large basket with easy access. Yes, at the same time it becomes less maneuverable, but even more stable. 6) Unique system of folding the stroller with one hand. Once you get used to it, it will be difficult for you to return to the assembly methods that are, for example, in my stroller. 7) Security. 5-point harnesses can be made into 3-point harnesses. 8) Colors. There are different ones, but ours was in charcoal gray. It looks more stylish than in black, and it is less visible any stains and dirt.
  • If we talk about the shortcomings, I didn’t notice any special ones, except that I, as a coffee lover, lacked a cup holder. I know that the company has a branded organizer, but it must be purchased separately.

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