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Review on Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset, carbon by Agung Rusindarto ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Normal product, but wanted more for the money.

The ears are really well assembled, they hold a charge with a bang (I had enough for an average of 14 hours), they catch all over my small apartment, including behind the wall. I was also very pleased with the design: laconic, nothing superfluous (although the corners of the logo on the ears themselves caught and rustled on the pillowcase, but these are trifles.)) The sound quality is decent: I took it for games, movies and discord. And in these respects, the ears lived up to expectations. But, damn it, why does no one write about the minuses, which turned out to be decisive for me. Smell. Unfortunately, this headset is not presented freely in stores so that you can touch and try it on; in choosing, I completely relied on reviews and reviews, video comparisons. Therefore, having received the order and taking out its boxes, I did not expect at all that headphones for 7k could frankly stink. The pungent smell of low-quality leatherette. Well Corsairs, well, a disgrace. After a week of use, the smell has not gone anywhere, wiping and ventilating did not help. Perhaps for someone this is a mere trifle, but I was annoyed that even taking off the headphones, this smell remained on my hair. Hiss. Constant hiss in the background, if the volume on the headphones themselves is turned up more than half. At medium volume, you may not even notice it, at maximum it is already extremely unpleasant and intrusive. Minus wireless ears, or cant specifically Corsairs? Microphone. He has a very dry sound, lacks depth, his voice is heavily distorted. On my old simple headset for 1.5k, the microphone is even more worthy. I play a lot of co-op and just chat on discord. When your friends don't recognize your voice, that's saying something.) Finally, a completely individual moment - a tight landing. After an hour, my cheekbones and the part of the lower jaw that the headphones touched began to hurt. Watch kintso and hamster in front of the monitor in these ears? No, it's not worth it.) Let's summarize. This headset came up to someone, judging by the estimates. I gave mine back to the store and will no longer decide to buy without trying on. Which is what I advise you.

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  • -Build quality - The ratio of price and declared characteristics, largely justified -Design
  • -Smell - Constant hiss -Uncomfortable fit - The most simple microphone