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Review on πŸ–₯️ Acer XG270HU 27" FREESYNC Widescreen Monitor with Tilt Adjustment and 2560X1440P Resolution - XG270HU Omidpx by Micheal Watkins

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Quality control problems, but the monitor is fine! Note the hardware requirements to use Freesync and 140Hz at the same time!

UPDATE: After using the monitor for some time and overcoming initial quality control issues, I am very happy with the quality (and the 140Hz in particular). I still think users should be aware that unless they have very powerful hardware, users should be aware that they have to choose between freesync OR 140hz as the vast majority of devices will not be able to do both at the same time to support. ----------- After 2 RMA and some quality control issues. It looks great and works very quickly. . Viewing angles are poor but this is a TN panel so that's to be expected. I will do a faster update of the viewpoint every day. ------------------------ A NOTICE! For almost every user, you'll probably have to choose between 144Hz and Freesync. Only those with very high-end multi-GPU systems can run 144Hz and Freesync at the same time, and even then it's unlikely you'll be able to do that at 1440. PROS: - Gorgeous colors (although the green is a bit) - More than enough brightness - Super fast response NEUTRAL: - The vast majority of users won't be able to run Freesync and 144Hz at the same time. PLEASE CONFIRM THAT YOUR HARDWARE CAN HANDLE BOTH FREESYNC AND 144Hz SIMULTANEOUSLY CONS: -It's a TN panel (viewing angles but it doesn't matter to me) Freesync is a great idea, improves some visual effects but it works by matching the refresh rate (Hz) to the frame rate (FPS) of your GPU. This means that playing games that run at 45-60fps when fully playable will result in the monitor only updating at 45-60Hz in Freesync mode, resulting in a compromise (most modern Monitors update at a frequency of 60 Hz). You get freesync, but will now update on or under most "typical" monitors. Almost every user will probably have to decide between 144Hz and Freesync (144Hz is unbeatable in my opinion). Personally, I also use the R9 290 in newer but not too graphically intensive games such as Dirty Bomb (50-60 fps) and Dota 2 (70 fps). Enabling free syncing in these games, especially when I'm getting FPS drops (hard combat, etc.) results in a horrible experience. I've decided to add a second graphics card to increase my FPS so I can take advantage of both the refresh rate and freesync features, but the loss of another $350 for a second graphics card after $500 for a monitor is not what most people think. Remember!

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