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Review on ✨ LG 24MP88HV-S Infinity 24" Monitor with Full HD 1080P Resolution by Matt Moore

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Would be good for half the price

After being spoiled by LG monitors and TVs I decided to give it a try and replace my current 5 year old 24 inch monitor with this one. I needed a good panel for work and hobbies and an HDMI connection, so that seemed like a perfect fit. Sadly it did not work. When I first turned on the monitor, I noticed problems. Black levels are almost non-existent and colors are completely absent. Luckily, LG monitors let you adjust the colors to your liking, so I was able to work with that. After 2 hours of hard work, I had the most ideal colors, but in doing so I found uneven backlighting, as well as a large number of flares and IPS glow. This at least partially explains the missing black level. By default, contrast and brightness are set to maximum. The contrast was actually at a maximum of 100%. With these settings you could see some details in the pictures, but you went blind even after 8 hours of work in this mode. Another problem with this monitor is that if you lower the contrast and brightness, the colors will also change. When you adjust brightness and contrast, you always have to adjust the color. I've also noticed that some of the brightest colors fall off on this monitor. A chromatic aberration is when you see lots of pixels, lines, or curves on gradients instead of a smooth transition. None of the settings seemed to make this easier; I tried everything I could think of. The viewing angles are also very narrow on this monitor. A slight head movement up/down or a slight movement to the left/right makes the screen disappear immediately. The built-in speakers work, but they sound so tinny that you'd rather not turn them on at all. And finally, food led. He seems to have a mind of his own. I have set the LED to "Off" in the settings, but when you wake up the computer/screen, the LED is on. It flashes constantly in standby mode, which is very annoying. I don't understand why LG thinks people will like it. I'll go back to my old monitor. This one just isn't for me. My recommendation: look elsewhere for a decent monitor. It is not so!

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  • I bought it on sale and was shocked by its quality, my son loves it!
  • Limited color options

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