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Review on LG 24MP88HV S 24 Inch Monitor Infinity 1920X1080P, ‎24MP88HV-S by Ethan Theriot

I really wanted to like it but it wasn't good enough for the way I use it.

My requirements for a new monitor to replace the six-year-old 21-inch HP model I'm currently using were pretty demanding. I wish it was a little bigger (23-24 inches, that's right), with two HDMI ports, Full HD resolution (1080) and built-in speakers. This one clearly fits into those categories. Pros: - Large screen. I didn't know going from 21" to 24" would be so different, but it is. It helps to have very narrow frames. Objects appear sharp at full or near full brightness. However, I don't use monitors at these settings, and I'll mention my experiences with lower brightness levels in the cons section. - The speakers are better than you think. Of course, they don't compare very well to external speakers, but for internal speakers (which are now rare), they're pretty good. - HDMI cable included. Cons: - Text (especially the text on the Windows 10 and Office 2013 desktop) is not displayed. just as sharp at lower brightness levels. Admittedly, the 1080 resolution may have reached its limits with this screen size and for me at least, dimming the screen didn't look as sharp as I'd like. It looks like the ports are not switched automatically. I have two computers connected via HDMI. If I turn off one computer and then turn on the second computer, the monitor does not automatically switch to the active video source unless the monitor is cycled back on or you use the menu option to find the active input is in standby mode mode, the power button flashes. There doesn't seem to be a way to turn this off. The monitor may move noticeably on the stand. However, if you have a stable table, you should be fine. Alternatively, you can purchase your own stand as the monitor is VESA compliant. It's a bit pricey for its features. I really wanted to like this monitor but after a few days of use I decided to return it. No matter what settings I tried, watching was too taxing on the eyes. Either the image was too bright or the text was too blurry.

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Pros & cons

  • Color reproduction seems excellent - almost the same as on my laptop.
  • Restricted ports and entrances

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