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Review on πŸ“» Red Magnavox MD6924-RD Portable Top Loading CD Boombox with AM/FM Stereo Radio - CD-R/CD-RW Compatible, LED Display, AUX Port Supported, Programmable CD Player by Noe Miceli

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It's a $20 CD player. YGWYPF (You get what you pay for)

We needed an inexpensive compact CD player for camping and fishing in areas where there is no wifi or radio reception. $20 is the cheapest branded player you can buy. And guess what. It's small and cheap and sounds like another small and cheap WAY music device from yesteryear, a transistor radio (ask your dad or grandpa). If it had an additional speaker jack for better sound, it would be better, but it doesn't. Anyway, when you turn it on at full power, it sounds cheap. At a lower volume, the sound is better. So if you're looking for an inexpensive CD player that can be used and abused without feeling bad if you break it, drop it in a lake, or get eaten by a bear, then this is the option for you. But remember it costs 20 bucks guys! In 1962, when transistor radios were becoming more popular, they were only $15 (equivalent to $124 today). And the 1980 BOOMBOX cost about $300, or about $850 in today's money. So, YGWYPF (You Get What You Pay For).

  • Great Value
  • Big and Bulky