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Review on Scheduling Suite by Phil Mehta

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Flexible time block booking with automatic scheduling!

The ease of use once you've gone through training is very smooth! We're solving two problems here - hiring process management as well as time-tracking for our field staff which saves so much in processing payroll data every month. I love how flexible it allows me to schedule my employees without having them come into work everyday or not being able to fit everything they need within their allotted working hours!! Also LOVE that we are saving money by automating all processes rather than paying someone fulltime just doing this one thing! Would like more automation options available but am happy overall with what's offered at present. Automate manual tasks & save us some cash while ensuring everyone has access to an up-to date view of who needs scheduling when etc. The most useful feature is the ability to create a time block for a project and have a report generated automatically. It would be nice if there was a way to set the duration of the time block, in the future. I would like to be able to set a duration for a time block. I am able to schedule meetings or appointments for a time block. I can also use the scheduler to see if there is an open slot for a time block.

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  • What gets lost sometimes about using other software such As SFDC/Salesforce where i think many people get intimidated because its difficult learning curve..but SAP doesn't take long before getting "grooved"..this tool makes things pretty easy...I don;t want anything simple anymore.LOL (wink)
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