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The tool has been excellent for our support needs, it's easy to use with quick results in troubleshooting issues across multiple products/ versions of Windows 7 - 10 (and other platforms). We've also found their customer service team very helpful. Would like more training at this time from an internal perspective. As stated above we have solved many problems using NICE ITSM which includes patching windows servers, laptops, desktops etc as well as monitoring server activity levels & reporting theSee full review

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I like that it's easy for my team members to use, especially when they are working remotely! It also has some really great features such as being able to track usage in real-time so you can see what your users need most at any given time. There isn't much about this product yet but we have been using it since day one with our customers and there haven't seemed to be many issues or complaints from them either. We're still trying out new things which gives us room to grow into more areas within NuSee full review

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It is easy to use and very user friendly. I like how it allows me to create multiple schedules at once. I wish it would let me select different time ranges for the same event. For example, I could be in two places for an event. One place scheduled for 3pm-4pm and another for 5pm-6pm. But DBI will only give me one option. If i choose 4pm-5pm, then all of my events will be between 4pm-5pm. This makes it confusing sometimes if you are scheduling multiple things at once. The most important thing aboSee full review

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The best part of this software was that it allowed me to see my schedule at any time I wanted without having to log into our system or call someone if there were errors. This also helped us keep track of hours worked by each employee which we could not do before using this program as well as being able to give employees more flexibility when working through their shifts. It does take some training but once you get used to how everything works your set up will be easier than ever! We have been veSee full review

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The ease of use once you've gone through training is very smooth! We're solving two problems here - hiring process management as well as time-tracking for our field staff which saves so much in processing payroll data every month. I love how flexible it allows me to schedule my employees without having them come into work everyday or not being able to fit everything they need within their allotted working hours!! Also LOVE that we are saving money by automating all processes rather than paying See full review

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I like how easy it was to use! It has all of my employees' information in 1 place which makes things so much easier than having several different systems open at once. The only thing about this program would be if you're looking for something more robust (like an integrated payroll system), there are other programs out their with better features/functionality etc., but overall we've been very happy using ETotalPlan as our main scheduler since its launch back around 2 years ago now. We have not See full review

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I use it to schedule employees, as well as manage timesheets & payrolls for my office! It's very user friendly, and is simple enough that someone new could figure out how to navigate without having an expert available at their side (which we do not have!) Very professional looking too which helps with our image. Not much to dislike about this software - you will get used to it eventually or find another program if this doesn't work for your needs. Easy access to online training videos made easy See full review

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I like that it allows me to keep track of all my employees in one place which saves lots or paper! Also they are always updating their system so its never outdated unlike some programs out there!! It's not as user friendly if you don't know how things works but once u figure them everything goes smoothly. If your looking into scheduling softwares this would be perfect because we have many different positions at our office from sales reps ect.. To being able t o schedule everyone with ease when See full review

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I like that this software provides me with accurate estimates of employee’s schedules (especially when they have overtime) which helps management be more precise about their time sheets, saving money at check-in or payroll! The only thing keeping them from being even better is if there was more customization. Maybe add some sort of way to see how many workers fall in certain category's per schedule? I always get confused as to who works what shifts; having something where you can actually type iSee full review

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I like that this program allows me to check in my staff as soon they come into work each morning so there are no late starts or leaving early! It also helps keep track if someone misses out for any reason without them knowing it's very easy when you have all your details stored within one place instead having multiple spreadsheets etc - saves lots more paperwork too!! Sometimes its difficult keeping up but once i've worked through an issue then everything seems fine again :) We can now easily seSee full review

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The quick responses that I receive from customer service is amazing! They are always ready to help you out when ever there's need for it, even if its after hours or weekend days!! Sometimes their system doesn't work as well but they make sure of getting back with an alternative solution whenever needed. All in all great product- easy scheduling process very responsive support team which makes life easier than expected :) nothing really comes across my mind so far apart form this one :). Keep upSee full review

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I like the ease of use and how well it integrates with our other applications for payroll. There are some areas where the software needs improvement, but the team at What Time Do I Work are very responsive to issues and suggestions and they are working on many features we have asked for. We also have no issues with customer support. Our employees love being able to see their schedule up front, so they don't have to wait until the end of the day. It also helps them manage their time throughout thSee full review

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I like that it's easy to use. It has all of my billing information already in place, which makes bookings so much easier. Also having everything set up ahead of time saves me from having to keep track of multiple spreadsheets every day! Nothing really. Sometimes when you're trying to make changes or add new customers/employees it can be slow at times but not very often. If your looking for an excellent scheduling software with ease of access this is definitely worth checking out. We have been aSee full review

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The most helpful thing about this tool is that it allows you to check out your project in multiple branches at once so that if one branch needs some work or has been abandoned by someone else, I can switch over to another branch without losing my progress. It's also very easy to use with its drag-and-drop feature which makes creating new change logs quick and simple. There are many other good features that make working with Change Logs much easier as well. One of them being that there is no needSee full review

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The best thing about this software, it's that you can create your own templates to save time when creating new documents! I have been using urban turtle as my personal office document manager since 2013 but only recently did they release their mobile app which allows me access from anywhere at anytime with ease of use!! There really isn't anything i dislike so far other than maybe some minor UI issues here or there (which are easy fixes). If anyone needs any help in organizing all aspects relatiSee full review

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I like that it gives me access from anywhere which makes my job easier when working with clients remotely or traveling for work! It also has some great features such as being able collect payments online through PayPal using their API connection but don't expect them support this feature if they haven’t made any announcements about adding other payment options (such credit card). There are better alternatives out there; however profit lion works well enough since we're not doing anything too comSee full review

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The ease of use makes this program so great! It's very simple to set up an account with all our clients as well as being able to see their orders in real time from anywhere via my computer or phone (I have 3 locations). I love how easy it was to incorporate multiple suppliers into one system without having any problems at either end-client side nor mine!! My only dislike about slicing would be that sometimes things can get lost when sending them through email but they are working hard towards fSee full review

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I like how it's very simple for an employee or contractor who has never used global submit before but also works well if you're in this situation already - having some experience using GSS can make all of your life so much easier! The program really does do everything we need/want from them; they have been responsive throughout our entire relationship (we've worked together since October 2016). It would be nice to see more training material available online as opposed to only being able to purcSee full review

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Nothing specifically at this point other than it's been easy to get around from both our side for tracking time in addition as well since using their services! I mean we have never had an issue with any of them during all these different processes thus far that is just what you know if there were anything else really i don't think so much yet because they've gotten along great up until now!! The best part about this program is that it allows you to be able create your own custom reports with eaSee full review

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I like being able to upload my logo and have it come out looking great! I also love the fact that I can change colors and add or remove text without having to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a solid design, but once it's done, it saves so much time in the long run. It used to be that you had to know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator, but now there are so many other options available. I wish there were more templates available for certain types of projects (iSee full review

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