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Review on Gardens On Task by Phil Mehta

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great platform and resourceful software!!!

Nothing specifically at this point other than it's been easy to get around from both our side for tracking time in addition as well since using their services! I mean we have never had an issue with any of them during all these different processes thus far that is just what you know if there were anything else really i don't think so much yet because they've gotten along great up until now!! The best part about this program is that it allows you to be able create your own custom reports with ease! It's very intuitive for anyone who has any experience in using computers at all (even if they don't know how).

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I love being organized by date instead of having multiple programs open just because i'm trying different things out each day/week etc.. This makes my life much easier when scheduling projects or keeping track what progress we are making towards our goals!!

  • That everything can fit into one place, which reduces clutter while also providing me more space within folders & files where needed :) Also like knowing everyone will receive email alerts whenever something changes super helpful especially after hours / weekends too
  • Some problems