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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
Vertical Industry, Apparel

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Description of ApparelMagic

ApparelMagic is an apparel software built for the fashion industry. With ERP, PLM, Accounting, and world class training and support, ApparelMagic is powerful enough to handle the PLM/ERP side for some of the biggest brands in fashion, but intuitive and affordable enough that a small business can get their team started in just minutes.


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Type of review

The ability to create your own templates which makes it easy when creating new products or changing existing ones! I wish there was more organization options with categories within each product as well as subcategories so we don't have to go into every single item if you need somewhere else down the road. This system allows our designers flexibility while still keeping track of all of the information regarding inventory items. We are able to quickly check off what needs done before production…

  • Ability for employees that can be trained in short amount time
  • Customizable template pages, allowing us some customization without being developers ourselves (not likeable)
  • Database is organized very clearly making finding things super simple once learned how everything works together.
  • Easy way around any issue encountered; usually resolved immediately after contacting support team
  • None

The ability it gives you when creating your own products by being able create them yourself as well give feedbacks from customers which makes this tool very useful indeed! As I said above i do not have any dislike about apparemagic so far because everything works fine with me while using my account manager feature I found nothing wrong at all!! It's really great product if u need one thats easy useable even though its expensive compared other similar tools out there like 3d printing or fabric…

  • I love how easy it is to use as a designer
  • As of now I don't think I dislike anything about apparemagic so far

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Convenient and easy to use purchasing tool

The ability to add product data from multiple sources into one centralized system with ease; it's easy to use! I wish you could have more customization options when building out your products. It would be nice if we had the option for customizing our own items or having them created by someone else (i.e. 3rd party vendors). You should definitely consider using this tool because it makes life so much easier for all parties involved. We were able to automate purchasing orders from various…

  • Easy integration
  • Customer service is great.
  • Integrates smoothly through ERP systems like SAP, Ariba &amp Salesforce
  • Enhances efficiency within workflows in manufacturing processes which saves time/productivity during process changes that take months instead years due their complexity
  • Good but not great