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The best part about Comm2ig is the customer support. They are always willing to help and are always willing to go the extra mile. The second best thing about Comm2ig is the pricing structure. They are very flexible and do not charge high rates. The third best thing about Comm2ig is the ability to work with the team remotely. The team is very friendly and they can work remotely. There are no downsides to working with Comm2ig. Comm2ig is a great company to work with and I would recommend them to See full review

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Great game! It's a bit tricky at first, but you get use to it. The AI is very good as well so I don't have any issues with that part of things either which really helps out when playing against other players online or offline in multi player mode (MP).There are some glitches here an there though if your camera doesn’t follow them they will show up on screen like little yellow splotches...that ruins my fun sometimes :)Overall this product was exactly what i expected....and more thanks for all thSee full review

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I like that it helps me stay organized with all my tasks, bugs etc as well has being able get them assigned quickly! The reporting view for projects or milestones would be great if you could export this into Excel so we can have better visibility across our teams which are spread out geographically!! We use jIRA at work but not sure how many people used agile hive before us? It might help some users who were previously using other methods than scrum/agilie frameworks find their way easier since See full review logo

I really like how easy it was for me as an internal user (not external) using my employee login credentials to get started right away without having any special training or getting permission first! The dashboard view seems very basic at this point compared to competitors such as Jira/Asana etc., but maybe there are plans down the line? If you're looking into building your PM org internally then definitely consider craft--it's been great so far! We've got our team set up quickly within 2 weeks aSee full review

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I like how easy it is, once you have an account set up everything becomes seamless in terms of scheduling tasks or tracking projects as they are coming along! It's not perfect but we've gotten used enough that most things work just fine without any issues at all (just keep testing!). The free tier offers more than sufficient functionality so there isn't really anything wrong here either - if this doesn’t do what YOU need then perhaps try another service out instead? For us personally nothing abSee full review

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It's so easy to use for team communication. I love how it integrates with Slack. I dislike that there are no mobile apps yet but hope this will be added soon! Great product for small teams. We have been using Letters since we started our business and haven't found anything better thus far. Nothing at all really, just minor annoyances like some of the UI not being as polished as other products out there. Team communication has never been easier than via letters and slack integration makes thingsSee full review

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It's easy enough for new users but gives you everything you need as far as tools go. I love how it can compare two different files at once without me having to select them one by one, which is pretty amazing considering it does this via links (which makes sense). You have little control over where each link goes and there are no annotations or anything like that, so if you're working off a Word document it will probably be harder than with something more text heavy. The best part about using GV See full review

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I like that it has an integrated view of all tasks and projects being done by teams. It also helps with time tracking for employees. There's nothing I disliked about this tool. If anyone wants to schedule meetings or send emails through workfront, they can do so easily. It's very easy to use as well! We are using workfront to track project activities and manage employee time. It has helped us keep track of our time spent working on different projects. Also, we're able to see who is taking up thSee full review

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I love how easy it was to get started using look at, but have had some issues with lag when we're trying to collaborate across multiple people/devices (not just browsers). Also would be great if there were more options of sharing files outside of google drive -- currently only option available is dropbox! Great tool that has helped us keep our team working together while remotely from different locations around the world! We are able to use this software as an internal communication platform betSee full review

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I like that there are so many team members in the system. This makes it easy to keep track of multiple accounts. So far nothing. It is hard for me to find the best way to organize my time. Sometimes its hard to filter out everything in the box when searching for a project. When looking at all the different options, it can feel overwhelming. Try using it before you decide if you will use it. The benefits I see for this program are being able to easily keep up with my tasks and the ease of using See full review

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We can easily search for all of our emails by domain or email address in one place! The interface is also very intuitive which makes it easy as well when I am searching through my archive looking back at previous messages that were sent out from an old project/email account etc.. It's not super customizable but you get what ya' pay fer so if this fits your needs then great!! If there was more customization available such as creating custom fields (eg date created & last modified) we would have See full review

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It is very simple for me to use it in my daily business. I can easily manage my projects by adding tasks, assignees, and dates. The interface of this tool is easy to understand and follow. You cannot customize some elements such as logo, colors, etc. Sometimes I need to re-create my new task or add due date. But I think that's ok because this tool is very cheap. I recommend using it if you want an app which is easy to use and not expensive. I am managing my tasks with this. With this tool, I havSee full review

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The ability to use their platform for both Incident Response and Risk Management is great. They have some of the best tools in the industry, but they could be more user friendly. It's not always easy to find what you're looking for. When using their Risk Management product, it was hard to see how many people were affected by an incident. We also struggled with finding out how much time we had left before our contract expired. I would recommend Tehtris if you are looking for a comprehensive riskSee full review logo

The most important thing I like about is that it integrates with Slack, so all of my team members can see what I'm doing at any given moment. I also love how easy it is to create screensharing links. It's not very intuitive at first, but once you get used to it, it makes creating and sharing content really easy. I wish there was an option to have more than one person share their screen at a time. We use for our weekly meetings, where we discuss upcoming projects and tasks. It aSee full review

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The user interface of this product makes it very easy to use, even for someone who has never used such an application before! It's not too complicated in terms of features or functionality - that would be great but I think they should add some more advanced functions like integration with other products (like Salesforce). This price list/biddings tool allows you create your own pricing templates easily without having any programming knowledge required at all; just drag-and drop elements from avaSee full review

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The ability to have everything in one place, which is very helpful as we are constantly receiving new orders from multiple manufacturers so being able to keep all of our information centralized makes it easy when sending out quotes or invoices. I don't think there's anything that I dislike about this product but if you're looking for a simple inventory management system then look no further! We use Protex ERP to track customer orders, send them an invoice via email with tracking numbers attacheSee full review

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The ability to create your own templates which makes it easy when creating new products or changing existing ones! I wish there was more organization options with categories within each product as well as subcategories so we don't have to go into every single item if you need somewhere else down the road. This system allows our designers flexibility while still keeping track of all of the information regarding inventory items. We are able to quickly check off what needs done before production beSee full review

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I love how it's easy to use, you can easily get your content out there without having to worry about too many details. The platform is really great for getting my work seen by people who are interested in what I'm doing! It would be nice if they had more customization options so that we could make our own templates or layouts. However, this isn't something that makes me dislike their service at all because I think it works well with what they offer. They do have some good tutorials online as welSee full review

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I like that it has all of my data in one place so i dont have too many things open at once which helps me stay organized! Also its very user friendly when you need some help with something or are stuck somewhere along your way through this process!! The only thing about qappearnthat sometimes there's laggy moments between time zones but thats not really an issue since we aren't working off our home computers anyway :) Very helpful tool especially if someone doesnt know how much they should chargSee full review

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I love how easy it was for our team members who are not familiar with software or computers, but have an interest in fitness/nutrition coaching! It has been so helpful that we can set reminders which help us stay organized throughout each day as well as having access at work when away from my computer (which helps me get more done!). The only thing about this program would be if you don't know what all features there were out right off hand could take some time getting used to everything before See full review

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