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Review on 247Shift by Phil Mehta

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Excellent tool for managing shift scheduling

I like that this software provides me with accurate estimates of employee’s schedules (especially when they have overtime) which helps management be more precise about their time sheets, saving money at check-in or payroll! The only thing keeping them from being even better is if there was more customization. Maybe add some sort of way to see how many workers fall in certain category's per schedule? I always get confused as to who works what shifts; having something where you can actually type in information rather than just click seems less efficient but has made my life easier by doing so. More customizable - allowing us to enter info ourselves instead of simply typing things would definitely help increase our useability/efficiency here at work! We haven't had any issues using 247shift yet aside from learning all its nooks & crannies. Overall, great product!! Definitely helpful and saves lots or time at work! Using it allows me not lose track of my employees hours worked thus preventing paychecks errors we used to make every month due to forgetting employees overtime hours. Also allowed managers I like how simple this is, especially when you have multiple employees in one location! It's also very helpful if you're going through some major life changes or are just looking to make sure everyone has their correct shifts covered. The only thing that can be improved would be more robust calendar options (e.g., being able to add/delete holidays). This software allows me to easily check up on my employees' schedules without having to call them individually.

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  • Easy setup for both employer AND worker.
  • Allows easy tracking+updating timesheets across devices via web browser interface OR downloadable app version available too.)
  • No ability within program itself allow user inputting own scheduling data into system
  • Needs improvement w countering missing holiday inputs