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Review on GlobalSubmit by Phil Mehta

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great solution, easy set up and customer service

I like how it's very simple for an employee or contractor who has never used global submit before but also works well if you're in this situation already - having some experience using GSS can make all of your life so much easier! The program really does do everything we need/want from them; they have been responsive throughout our entire relationship (we've worked together since October 2016).

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It would be nice to see more training material available online as opposed to only being able to purchase books at their office locations which are not close by us here out west :) We use GSSPublish when creating new reports because there isn't enough information about what exactly should go into each section within those fields. This software makes finding missing info super quick & painless compared to trying other resources such as emailing back n forth from different people across departments. Also helps save time during final edits once submitted through electronic means versus hard copies sent via.

  • How easy is accesses multiple devices, web based system that allows me remote work anywhere with no problems whatsoever while maintaining my security clearance levels..all aspects meet expectations 100%
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