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NiCE IT Management Solutions Review




Revainrating 5 out of 5  
IT Management, Enterprise IT Management Suites

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Description of NiCE IT Management Solutions

NiCE IT Management Solutions is a Microsoft System Center Alliance Partner that provides cross platform management packs.


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It has helped us to manage our data more efficiently, also we can easily monitor each application of our organization with this tool.it's very easy to use as well it's user friendly interface helps anyone to operate from anywhere at any time without hesitation.It sometimes gets slow when there are too many users online so make sure your PC configuration meets its requirement or else you may face some problems in using this product. We have realized how much efficient our system was managed by…

  • I really like that i could access my applications remotely even if they're not installed locally anymore!I think is great what other companies offer for free such tools which allow me do things faster than before..i'm satisfied about everything.except maybe their costumer support service because everytime something happens (like an update) ,they need days just wait until
  • Nothing here

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product and great Customer Service!

The tool has been excellent for our support needs, it's easy to use with quick results in troubleshooting issues across multiple products/ versions of Windows 7 - 10 (and other platforms). We've also found their customer service team very helpful. Would like more training at this time from an internal perspective. As stated above we have solved many problems using NICE ITSM which includes patching windows servers, laptops, desktops etc as well as monitoring server activity levels & reporting…

  • Easy interface
  • Great product info provided when setting up new tickets.
  • Tracking system reports all open cases by default so no need additional effort needed there! I'm not sure if most companies do that but here is you know? It'd be great.
  • In depth trouble shooting capabilities within each individual case history

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great alternative that will save tons and ton

The best part of this product has been its ability to manage all your devices, servers as well as laptops with just one console/tool! It does get really tiring when you need an account info or license details for each device which can easily be forgotten. I would recommend it if everything else fails there's nothing better around in terms of ease-of use (single dashboard). We have managed our entire business operations from only 1 single tool - i know how hard they must've worked at getting…

  • No more having different logins required.