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Review on SLICEplus by Phil Mehta

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fantastic way for companies & service providers worldwide

The ease of use makes this program so great! It's very simple to set up an account with all our clients as well as being able to see their orders in real time from anywhere via my computer or phone (I have 3 locations).

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I love how easy it was to incorporate multiple suppliers into one system without having any problems at either end-client side nor mine!! My only dislike about slicing would be that sometimes things can get lost when sending them through email but they are working hard towards fixing those issues too which i'm sure will happen soon. Make certain if purchasing online and paying using PayPal credit card option make payment immediately after purchase otherwise there could possibly be some delays depending upon what bank/paypal services provider they are connected to etc.-but other than that no complaints here. !

  • Very user freindly interface.Easy integration between companies we work wih no headaches..Very intuitive software!!!Great way yo keep track everything regarding customer visits & service sales
  • Some difficulties