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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
Vertical Industry, Landscape Design

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Description of SLICEplus

SLICEplus, is designed for active green industry companies to match the way you do business by offering the functions and support you need to manage your business efficiently.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Very helpful tool for any business related needs

I like this software because it has many useful tools that help me with my daily tasks in an effective manner without wasting time or effort doing repetitive actions over again due from lack of skills in computer use. The program interface could be improved upon but not much as everything works well right now. It's pretty good if what i want is something very easy yet user friendly at all times while managing different types of documents such as invoices, receipts etcetera which helps reduce…

  • There are many useful tools and features within the program that helps users to complete their tasks with ease without too much effort or time spent in doing repetitive actions
  • I dislike the program interface as it could be improved upon a bit

I like how easy it was to set up our system with no problems at all! The customer service team are extremely helpful & quick too respond to any issues that arise during setup or use of system. They also have excellent tutorials which make learning about their product very simple. We're using SlicePlus as an inventory management tool within my organization but we've had some difficulties integrating other systems into the platform (e.g., accounting). It's not ideal if this functionality isn't…

  • It's very easy to use and the team are very helpful & quick to respond to issues
  • It's not very easy to use other third party integrations into the system

Revainrating 4 out of 5

SLICEplus - Great Product & Customer Service

Our sales team has been using Sliceplus for close to a year now, and it's been nothing but great! They are always there when we need them, and they make sure we're running our business as smoothly as possible. I wish that their customer service was not so strict with their terms of use. It can be frustrating at times to have to go through the same process again if I am unsure about a new feature or change to an existing function. That being said, all of our sales reps are extremely…

  • They are constantly there for us, and willing to answer any questions we may have
  • I dislike that there are restrictions on how we can use the software when using it for business purposes

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best online project management platform ever

I like how well it works with my accounting software and helps me keep track of all our costs and billing needs in one place so i can stay organized! It's very fast at loading information from spreadsheets into Slice plus which makes creating new invoices quick as 1-2 clicks away rather than manually entering each invoice amount/date etc.. The fact that we now have access to this system via an app instead of using live chat would be helpful if we are trying to create documents during the day or

  • Ease Of Use, Reporting Features,
  • Support
  • Customer services & sales.
  • Thanks Guys !!! Will recommend you guys always without any second thoughts :) Keep up your good work..You got 5 stars already..but just because its about 100% positive feedback only : )
  • Good but not great

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fantastic way for companies & service providers worldwide

The ease of use makes this program so great! It's very simple to set up an account with all our clients as well as being able to see their orders in real time from anywhere via my computer or phone (I have 3 locations). I love how easy it was to incorporate multiple suppliers into one system without having any problems at either end-client side nor mine!! My only dislike about slicing would be that sometimes things can get lost when sending them through email but they are working hard towards…

  • Very user freindly interface.Easy integration between companies we work wih no headaches..Very intuitive software!!!Great way yo keep track everything regarding customer visits & service sales
  • Some difficulties