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I like the fact that I can see all the shifts I have coming up. I can also set reminders for them. I also like that I can see my performance rating. The ability to see my hours worked and my bonus is also helpful. The ability to see the number of shifts I need to work on to reach my weekly target is also helpful. I would like to have more options for scheduling shifts. I would also like to be able to see the number of shifts I have already scheduled. I think this is a great tool for anyone who lSee full review

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It is the best scheduling software. It is easy to use and the software is really easy to install. There is nothing that I do not like. I do not like that the software is a little bit expensive. I recommend that the software should be a little bit cheaper. I use the software to schedule the team members and to schedule the team members of the team. I like the software. I recommend the software to all the team members, and I use the software to schedule the team members. It is the best software tSee full review

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I like that you can track your mileage, time spent working as well where they are in relation to their location (elevation). It is not very user friendly with regards ease-of use or navigation within app itself so it could be better if there was more functionality included such an ability add notes/markups etc from map view which would make navigating quicker when looking at maps easier too! This has definitely helped me understand my own work efficiency by tracking how much i have been drivingSee full review

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Easy to use, good for scheduling, great for communication. I can easily use it to send text messages to my team members. It's a great tool to use for communication. I dislike that I cannot send images or files to my team members. I would like to be able to send images or files to my team members. I also dislike that I cannot send audio messages to my team members. I would like to be able to send audio messages to my team members. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to communicate wSee full review

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The ease to use software (it's very intuitive) has helped us streamline our employees' workflows. We've been able to see where there are opportunities to improve efficiencies as well! I dislike that we can't have more than one user using it at once because of how large some of these teams are now becoming. It would be nice if they could allow multiple users but only 1 active session per account/user. This helps keep people from logging out or closing their browser while another person still usesSee full review

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I like that it is web based, and also gives you all of your information in one place. It would be nice if it could sync to other applications such as payroll providers or to an email based system. Also, it would be great if there were more custom fields available for employees. There are so many different types of HR systems out there. This one is very user friendly. They have made it really easy to use and navigate through everything. You can even have multiple users set up profiles so that evSee full review

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I like how easy it was to use with all of our employees in different states! It also made scheduling so much easier for my department and myself as well since we have over 100 people working under us at any given moment during peak times which can be overwhelming!! Nothing really but if your looking into this software make sure you do some research ahead because there are better ones out there now days especially when compared to their pricing structure. We were able solve many problems with eSee full review

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I really like that it is easy to use, as well being able do all of my payroll stuff in one place! It's not user friendly at times but if you know how time clock wizard works then this isn't an issue for most people who are using them correctly (i'm talking about having your HR rep train users). If they can get their training materials together better than other programs out there - which i think will happen soon- we'll be fine with our switch from QuickBooks Online & Xero accounting software intSee full review

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I like that soon can be used as an add-on or replacement for other software, such has Outlook/Exchange Server Calendar in addition with its own scheduler which makes it very flexible when working within your organization's structure (i am currently using this at work). The interface could use some improvement but overall i have no complaints about how well everything works together so far! It does what we need without being too complicated - great product if you're looking into something similarSee full review

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I like how easy it was to set up our first sprint board (using JIRA). It's also very flexible - which means you can easily create custom workflows or new tasks/tickets without having any developer support. However there does seem to be some limitation in terms of customization available within an existing ticket. We use this software primarily because we're already using Atlassian products. This makes things easier since most people know what they do well and tend not to stray too far from theirSee full review

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It has an easy drag & drop interface that makes it simple for users with no programming knowledge or experience to use without any problem.It also supports multiple projects in one workspace which saves time from switching between different workspaces while managing many tasks at once. I have been using this tool since its beta version so far but i haven't found anything bad about it as such yet. There's nothing much we dislike apart form some minor glitches here and there when you're new to soSee full review

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Very easy to use (once you figure it out! hahaha). The interface does take some getting used to but once there's no doubt about how something should be set up the system becomes much more useful. You can also create templates of many different workflows which makes things easier going forward. I can't think of anything I disliked as a whole, although some bits are clunky here and there - the fact that you have to use the app at least partly to use it properly could be better though. I am still lSee full review

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The main thing I like about this app it's free! It has all of my clients' information in one place for easy access with our team members who are handling multiple projects at once or even when travelling abroad (I'm currently working from home). There isn't much more than what i've already mentioned but if you need something specific let us know we can help out as best possible :) My only dislike would be there aren;t any customer service reps available outside their office hours which makes conSee full review

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I like how well it works with my accounting software and helps me keep track of all our costs and billing needs in one place so i can stay organized! It's very fast at loading information from spreadsheets into Slice plus which makes creating new invoices quick as 1-2 clicks away rather than manually entering each invoice amount/date etc.. The fact that we now have access to this system via an app instead of using live chat would be helpful if we are trying to create documents during the day or See full review

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I love how easy it is! This software makes managing my team so much easier than anything else out there that we've used in years past (including Microsoft Project). There's nothing about this program itself - other then maybe some of its outdated design/looks when compared side by side against newer programs like Excel or Google Sheets etc., but everything you need within each module can be found through their website easily enough. Some modules are better suited towards certain types of projeSee full review

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I love how easy it was to integrate into my workflow! The customer support team has been awesome in helping me get up and running quickly and efficiently. We are trying out several different templates/design options but haven't arrived at anything we don’t like yet. We are excited about the ability to change font sizes without having to send designs back and forth multiple times. The ease of use in uploading files, editing images as well as making changes to text without having to retype everythSee full review

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I liked how easy it was for our team members to access when we were using file sharing during meetings or events across different locations. It allowed us to easily share documents with clients so they could read them prior to having an inperson meeting. We also used this tool for internal collaboration purposes as well. None of my teammates disliked anything about its functionality but did like being able to save screenshots within specific pages/sections from other document types without creatSee full review

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It's very intuitive to use! You can easily set it all up for different teams within an organization or even across multiple companies/orgs; you just need some training first (which I've received!). The app itself works great as well--it syncs seamlessly between my team members' devices so we're always working off one single document at any given moment. Nothing that stands out specifically but if they do decide to release more features down the road, their current product already has been fairlSee full review

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I like that you can create your own templates with different designs to fit any project or client's needs - it makes creating patterns easier than having someone else do them! It is very easy-to use but does take some time getting used too; however once there are no problems using this software they become much faster in learning how best utilize all its features (which include many helpful tutorials). There really isn't anything i dislike about microdors as far as functionality goes; everythingSee full review

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I like how easy it is to use for both my clients as well myself! The support team are great too - always willing & able help with any issues we have at anytime of day or night (even weekends!). Nothing really in particular about this product but more just everything from start up process through end user experience has been very good so far!! We can now easily manage our proposals via email rather than having them all stuck together into one large file which was quite time consuming before usingSee full review

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