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Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
Vertical Industry, Landscape Design

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Description of ProfitLion

ProfitLion is an integrated software tool created by Landscape Contractors to address the unique needs of the green industry by saving time, increasing efficiency and, ultimately, increasing profitability. ProfitLion's seamless system allows you to see your data in real-time via the dashboard, estimate within the app, quote jobs accurately in the field and allocate resources in real- time, so materials and labor can be managed in one place.


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I like that it gives me all my information at once rather than having multiple apps open for different things which was very confusing with other programs. It also helps keep track of our clients as well! The only thing i dislike about this program is how slow some functions are sometimes (especially when adding new accounts). Also i would love if they could add more fields or even make them customizable but thats just wishful thinking haha. We use profit lion mainly because we have several…

  • All in one app
  • Great customer service team available 24 hours 7 days per week.
  • Very easy interface, great layout design,
  • Ability To create your OWN Quote Templates And Customize In A Variety Of Ways For Different Clients Or Industries With Your Own Logo Designs & Color Scheme's
  • I will keep silent

The best thing about this program for me was that it allowed us as landscapers/contractor not only keep track but also manage our billing all from home! It made things much easier when managing multiple projects at once or just keeping up with invoices etc.. I wish there were more features available like adding photos which would have been great if we had taken advantage earlier than now!! Would definitely recommend using profit lion because its easy enough anyone could use without training…

  • Easy access anytime anywhere ! And most importantly no monthly fees!!! You can do what you want whenever wherever your convenience is essential in today's fast paced world..all while staying productive :) love how versatile these apps really make business owners happy especially those who work remotely too often get lost due lack proper tools being readily accessible
  • There are nuances

Revainrating 5 out of 5

ProfitLion - Great Job Tracking Platform

The ability to set up different job types, to track projects, and to keep up with the work load efficiently. I’m having issues with some of the features not syncing properly or not working at all. There are also some problems that I am unsure if it is from my end as an employee or the platform itself. Just keep using it! It has helped me organize our job site well which makes us more efficient and keeps us on track. We are able to see exactly what we have coming through each week and are ahead…

  • Easy To Use
  • Great looking app design easy user interface
  • Fast & Stable servers/platforms never had any technical difficulties throughout use.
  • Ability monitor performance metrics by departments within jobsites gives managers insight when they need feedback

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great alternative to Quickbooks Online

I like that it gives me access from anywhere which makes my job easier when working with clients remotely or traveling for work! It also has some great features such as being able collect payments online through PayPal using their API connection but don't expect them support this feature if they haven’t made any announcements about adding other payment options (such credit card). There are better alternatives out there; however profit lion works well enough since we're not doing anything too…

  • User friendly
  • Easy to navigate menu bar in each window.
  • Great toolkit, can easily modify colors within windows etc
  • Fast response times via tickets by staff members responding
  • No limit number o f people you may assign jobs / make estimates simultaneously(ie no max user limits)
  • Not much control over what shows up under "Assigned To" tab once project is completed

We use Profit Lion both as an admin and a contractor. From the admin side it is simple easy for clients communication as well as billing. The app is very easy to get into and navigate once you learn where everything is. We have been using profit lion since 2008 and we have not had any complaints from customers about the ease of getting estimates with the app or viewing invoices through the admin portal. The benefit we love the most for our contractors are our invoicing features with quick…

  • Easy access, friendly interface just good software design..easy navigation without being overloaded by tons o information.it's clean layout allows plenty room fo graphics while still keeping tabs straight forwardly organized so anyone can find what he needs easily enough..also user friendly UI
  • So-so