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Sony Dualshock Wireless Controller PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4

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About Sony Dualshock Wireless Controller PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4

The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the dual analog sticks and trigger buttons have been improved to provide a greater sense of control, No matter what you play. The new multi touch and clickable touch pad on the face of the dualshock 4 wireless Controller opens up worlds of new gameplay possibilities for both newcomers and veteran gamers. The dualshock 4 wireless Controller features a built in speaker and stereo headset jack, putting several new audio options in the player's hands. The dualshock 4 wireless Controller can be easily recharged by plugging it into your PlayStation 4 system, even ...
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The ratio of price and quality is very pleasing, I will repeat the purchase.

Acquired in order to serve as a controller for a computer. Steam already includes support for controllers, so you do not need to take any additional steps to use them. Connecting via ds4windows, which pretends to be an Xbox controller when used with other games, is an option.

I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

Superb assembly, pleasant plastic, and strong vibration transmission are some of its perks. Several other drawbacks: the sticks are too short for the reach, and I paid extra for the liner. With extensive use, the plastic starts to squeak and the buttons become more difficult to depress.

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

Some pros: A comfortable controller that is compatible with both the hardware and the software (with reservations) Many disadvantages: I attempted to link it to a personal computer, but without the assistance of a specialized utility, the process was highly crooked and imperfect.

Well done, but I won't buy any more.

Many advantages: It has a pleasant feel in the hands, and it makes racing and fighting games a lot more convenient to play with it. Cons: After roughly a year of usage, the vibration has changed, and the gamepad vibrates with an unhealthy sound in some games.

High-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

Has pros: High-quality gamepad, pleasant to use, zero complaints. Original With its cons. I bought it for 2.5k. For 5 thousand it's too much, of course.

A really necessary purchase, glad I found this product.

With all of its perks. This is the controller, only the dualsense 3100 is a better option, the price is really low, but the gamepad itself is authentic. Cons:\sPrice. Why does a white one cost 4,500 dollars, a black one 4,300 dollars, and a variety of ornamented ones under 7,000 dollars?

Quality is disappointing, the product is bad.

On the PlayStation 4 as well as the personal computer, there is no longer any desire to play video games using this gamepad. In appearance of the box and the controller itself, like the original, a defective copy may have come across.

Perfect product for any user!

The advantages of it include the following: The very best gamepad I've ever owned I've owned a lot of gamepads, so I know which ones are the best, but the DUALSHOCK 4 is by far my favorite. These are some downsides: The gamepad does not come with a charger, and in order to charge it, you will need to bring it to Nokia, which does not provide a detachable charging cable.

I am one hundred percent satisfied with the purchase, I recommend this product to everyone.

These are some advantages: Very pleasing to the touch, of high-quality construction; the buttons are satisfying to push; the size and shape are just right for the hand; the weight is just right. It is impossible (or extremely difficult) to connect to a personal computer without the use of a wire, but this is not a deal breaker for me.

Satisfied with the purchase one hundred percent, I recommend the product for everyone.

Take part in gaming on a mobile device operating Android. Extraordinarily suited to the activity at hand. In addition, the Xbox system allows you to connect to it remotely from any location over the internet, allowing you to play games from afar. But, everything is contingent on the strength of the relationship.

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

has certain advantages: Equipped with a gyroscope, touchpad, and a PC-friendly interface. The touchpad allows you to link more buttons from the keyboard and mouse to the gamepad, which is useful for games that do not natively support the gamepad. There are drawbacks to it. For example, in antil down in ps nau or heavy rain on a Computer, you need to utilize a gyroscope and a touchpad, but you can only do so if you play the game by wire or spend $2,000 on a special adaptor. Since the gyroscope and touchpad refuse to work on the bluetooth.

Excellent product, the best quality.

Hired Experts: With a gyro, a touchpad, and a simple PC interface, this mouse has it all. In games that don't natively support a gamepad, the touchpad comes in handy because it allows you to attach additional buttons normally used on a keyboard or mouse to the gamepad. Having some negatives If you want to utilize a gyroscope and a touchpad in a PC game like antil down in ps nau or heavy rain, you'll either need to play the game by wire or shell out an extra $1.5K for a specialized adaptor. Due to the fact that the bluetooth gyroscope and touchpad refuse to function.

Good value for money, I recommend it.

If they had inserted regular membranes that were sturdy instead of the weak and brittle ones, it would have been the perfect gamepad. With all of its perks. - It fits snugly in the palm of your hand, you can sense its value right away, the components are of great quality, and the construction is solid; there is no rattling or cracking, and it does not dangle loosely. - Triggers that are both pleasant and of a high grade, analog (!) - Clear shifts, buttons, and sticks; contacts function well; potentiometers are normal; there is no "noise" coming from them. Having this drawback: - Since the rubber membranes of the crosspiece burst, it has been less than a year. It has come to our attention that these are these gamepads' primary flaw. That's the kind of quality you get from Sony. You must now place an order with Ali and wait for him to send you spare membranes. - Fuzzy cross, the button is frequently pressed in the wrong direction. Let's imagine you need to press straight ahead, but…

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

has several positive aspects In terms of both cost and quality. You won't find anything cheaper or quicker, and you won't get it at a discount either. Each button presses cleanly and securely, and the "tight" crosspiece is a nice touch. Of course, this does come with a minor drawback. Diverse disadvantages: The time it takes for the crosspiece to "warm up" is considerable. Although while this is a benefit for me, I felt quite "wooden" in my movements for the first two weeks (I primarily play Tekken 7) due to the rigidity of the crosspiece. After two weeks, though, life had returned to normal. No further gripes exist at this time (after all, conflicts with Windows are problems of Windows software and not a gamepad)

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

Take it, you won't regret it! In all honesty, I did not anticipate having such opportunities. Also, the cost is really reasonable! Has advantages: Since I purchased it for a PC, all of my writing is focused on that platform. - At the expense of convenience, you can debate for a long time and without doing anything, but personally, I feel a bit more pleasant you know who. (by the way, I was using "well-known gamepads of another well-known brand" for the better part of ten years, if that) - Bluetooth connectivity built in with a powerful built-in battery triggers with a huge power reserve (more precise control in simulators such as gas / brake, traction, etc.) - The D-pad is in an ideal location and is well suited for fighting games. - There are a large number of additional buttons on the front side (on the touchpad, it can be pressed in several places, for a total of four buttons), all of which are programmable and can have macros set up using third-party software. - Sticks that can be

I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

In light of the ever-increasingly self-assured expansion of globalism across the globe, it would appear that the things of the material world can be split up into two distinct categories: things (products) and crafts. There is no question that the Sony joystick falls under the first category. Outstanding construction, compatibility with all of the games that are now available (unlike the no-name items sold by Ali), and an innovative housing design (although this is probably secondary). The possession of this device, along with other products manufactured by Sony, however, gives the realization and the feeling that you are holding in your hands not just some thing that has some optional relation to the console, but rather the embodiment of advanced technological thought, expressed in a form that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Having a few drawbacks This disadvantage can be completely balanced out by the fact that the product was purchased at a significant discount…

Product satisfying the quality of the product, good price.

In a normal fashion; how long this lasts remains to be seen. Benefits from some aspects Priority No. 1: Solid construction. Second, the ds4windows tool has been successfully utilized in Windows 10. If you have an otg adapter, you can use Android, although you may need to play around with the layout in an emulation tool to get the best results. Bluetooth connectivity for Android devices; 4. I'm not sure exactly version this works with, but it's a solid choice in the latest builds. the negatives: First, the touchpad's buttons are awkwardly placed. Once you press it, the pointer will move in a jerky fashion. There is only a gamepad provided. Bluetooth dongles and USB cables aren't included. The official power adapter is not included and must be purchased separately. Third, using ds4windows causes Steam to treat the controller like an Xbox 360 controller, which might be confusing due to the difference button layout. And not every game works properly.

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

Attention\s. I appreciate you listening. Certain benefits The best gamepad in its generation, without a doubt. resistive to impact (surprisingly). That I won't pat the bald foreheads that emerged with protection from insufficient pithecanthropes, who only need to bang something on something and argue with the support on which the white light stands, and that I can't shake all these little Asian hands who created this apparatus. various drawbacks: 1. The fact that Controller is not Dualsense is his one and only flaw. End. There is a personal curvature issue, though. Dsh and PC occasionally lose track of one another, and you have to deal with their shared amnesia. with a lobotomy, they connect without any issues.

A good product, I advise you to try it.

These gamepads would be perfect if but for their excessive cost. different benefits works with PS3 in addition to PS4 (that's news!). In addition, connecting over BT without the use of shamanism requires a little sweat in theory, but it is actually feasible. Cons: I've purchased a DualShock 4 v2 twice, and there are currently three of them in use. The right stick on both of them occasionally malfunctions (sticks in the "up" position). Having said that, the other gamepad is really comfortable. We'll see how persistent the new one is.

Not at all what I expected.

Having an original controller around will make my review easier, so keep that in mind. Seven times over, I kicked myself for waiting to turn over the items after discovering the potential issues. It's simple to set up, it has all the features of the original (including a curling iron), and it's technically a controller, so there aren't any issues. in conclusion These are some drawbacks: From the first moment of use, the plastic made a creaking sound. As with the original, the R1, R2, L1, and L2 keys began to make a lot of noise after a few months of light use. The R2 and L2 keys stopped working properly and eventually stopped working altogether 7 months after purchase. There were a few of occasions when the sticks were successful where they should not have been. There is a consistent 2% offset on the right stick from the dead zone, and the stick also moves with a slight crunch. Everyday disappointment and anxiety (