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Game console Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1000 GB HDD, Disgusting Men Limited Edition

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About Game console Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1000 GB HDD, Disgusting Men Limited Edition

SONY PLAYSTATION 4 Pro is your personal entertainment center. You can play, watch videos, listen to music, and Internet access will allow you to find partners for games. Due to the variety of games, the console has no age restrictions. The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Black will provide players with a new experience with improved image processing capabilities and support for 4K picture quality. With increased performance and system capabilities, including the CPU and GPU, PS4 Pro allows you to achieve in games graphics with much more detail and unprecedented visual clarity. Users with 4K TVs will be...
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High-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

Positives: I enjoyed virtually all of it! Regarding the games, there are not a single negative comments can be found. Below are some downsides: There are few available multimedia options. The web browser is unable to play videos that are found online. Because, in my opinion, the plastic is of inferior quality, I ended up having to purchase a second joystick.

Very pleased with this purchase, will recommend it to everyone!

As I have just said, I made the decision to improve upon the already great cooling system by adding filters to it. These filters are designed to reduce the amount of dust that enters the console, and they also prevent larger particles and a wide variety of insects from entering it. It is recommended to use fine-grained foam rubber for this purpose since it can be cut into strips that are the same width as the ventilation holes and then snugly installed into the holes all the way around the perimeter (the system draws in air for cooling from three sides and blows it out from behind). As the filters become more soiled, they will need to be replaced. I strongly suggest investing in an uninterruptible power supply to ensure the reliable operation of the system (both to avoid the loss of data and to avoid causing harm to the system itself)! When using this model, you can achieve scores between 3000 and 5000 if you take into consideration continuous operation while using a TV and other…

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

Different pros: It is a stunning piece of technology that is capable of outputting 4K resolution and features a powerful processor. The majority of the time, joysticks are ATAS, which consist of a number of sensors, speakers, a touch screen, and indicator lights. Exclusives on the PlayStation 4 are a different story, and if you want to play such games, you'll need the console. Below are some downsides: Games are pricey. Those on the disk have an ongoing need for their existence in the disk drive; this has been the case for me for the past century. Multiplayer is available for an additional subscription fee, despite the fact that you spend a significant amount of money on games anyway.

Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

There was a slim and a PSP before this third console from Sony arrived. Although the games have incredible quality, you sometimes have to wait six months before you can get one at a lower price. Since the slim version creates an airplane-like noise and was discontinued after only a week of use, I truly appreciate how quietly it operates. A 2TB hard disk was installed right away. since games have collected a lot over time. Completely satisfied, no need for PS 5,

Pros & cons

  • Games don't lag, the most practical joystick,
  • Expensive game prices, no support for older consoles

The best product, from those that I have viewed, I advise everyone!

The console was purchased from the moment of release in the first revision, it provided a lot of impressions from games and exclusives, a paid PS Plus subscription provides network opportunities and free games, it is possible that subscription games will occasionally come across as very cool, and the subscription also provides discounts on games. It captures incredibly juicy and gorgeous images in many games, which causes you to lose track of the passage of time while you are playing.

Pros & cons

  • Superior to Xbox thanks to its potent console, extensive library of exclusive titles, and consistent sales on games sold through the PlayStation Store.
  • The initial draft has the fan functioning, but it is noisy and somewhat huge.

A really necessary purchase, I'm glad I found this product.

has benefits Fantastic, I bought it because the standard one started to play some games quite slowly. Cons are: Didn't realize I already have a standard PS, so I knew what I was purchasing.

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

In general, I got an Xbox One Pro after getting an Xbox One X since I wanted both consoles. However, I ended up selling off the original Xbox One because its box had collected dust. The purchase has met my expectations. The store regularly runs specials on games, has high-quality exclusives, has a simple and straightforward layout, and is quite quiet. Against it: Even if the console's internal temperature rises significantly after an hour of use, this is of no practical consequence.

The quality is at the highest level, be sure to try it.

The most recent version, which I purchased (it doesn't heat up as much, but to ensure its stability, I purchased additional cooling; everything has been functioning normally for the past few years), was a plus. Cons: It started making a lot of noise after some period of time had passed. However, you will only be able to hear this if you play in total silence.

Disgusting, will never recomend it for anybody!

Better take Xbox or PC. I do not suggest any Sony gaming products to anyone, and I will not be purchasing another PlayStation in the foreseeable future. Various advantages: In a general sense, I am only able to see the benefits that stem from the fact that BloodBorne is available for the PlayStation 4. The interesting gameplay is what draws me in more than the kintsu, although someone else might be intrigued in the other exclusives. I'm not one of those people. Having this drawback: The noise is really horrible to listen to! RDR2 was impossible for me to complete since the console kept shutting down. While I was doing so, I also cleaned the console and replaced the thermal paste, but it was to no avail. The engineers at Sony are really talented. Turbine is, without a doubt, the superior option for use on the console. Games that are grossly costly, and the fact that there are "regional prices" does not help. Visit Steam to make a price comparison. The Playstation has gone through…

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

The kid is content, and it's the norm to take it easy in the evenings. Value for money is higher than a PC. However, it will cost more than a PC in a couple of years if you use it in place of a PC and play everything, including multiplatform. the benefits: The top gaming console when compared to the rest of the market. Created for individuals who enjoy relaxing with a game pad in hand at the end of the day. Sales on PSN lower the "horse" price to a "rather high" level. Produces a superb image on a high-quality TV. Looks great, may be displayed with no embarrassment. Distinct drawbacks: Video game prices are not something you can ignore, so do your research ahead of time. You can get your hands on the long-lasting, distinctive items you need. If you want to play games online, you'll need to shell out $48 every year. We don't recommend using it to watch our IPTV; instead, set up media servers like xupnpd. Only one controller and the USB cable are included in the "bare" package…

Just super, the product is made wonderfully, very satisfied.

It is highly doubtful that you will want to hunker down in front of the computer once more after a long day of work when you are going to spend time unwinding by yourself or, even better, with your family. It's highly likely that it will consist of a comfy sofa and a television. You know, in such a way that everyone has a clear perspective of what's going on, the music surrounds them, and the view is expansive. The video game console is absolutely ideal for this purpose! Expensive games? You shouldn't be in a hurry to get fresh, but you should keep an eye out for sales on psdeals and ebay. Up to a maximum of 600 points can be spent on practically any game. There are dozens of enjoyable games released before 2022 that can keep you occupied for dozens of days. Is there a lot of noise produced by it? No, this is not the case at all. You can depart from here with 7208 or 7216; everything is operating normally. I take it there is also sound in the game? Or does every single electronic…

A good product at a good price, I advise you to try it.

Everything on the console is perfect, with the exception of the price. At the present rate of exchange, it is completely unfathomable why the manufacturer's pricing of twenty-five thousand dollars has increased to more than thirty-five.

Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

Let's begin with the fact that I have a lot of experience as a baker. Since 2022, I've done all of my gaming on a personal computer, and I've never even considered switching to a console. After seeing a tutorial for "The Last of Us" on YouTube by accident, I began to consider purchasing a PlayStation 4. It amounted to something. Feels like watching an excellent movie. After that, I learned that there is no other platform on which you can play this game than the PlayStation 4. For me, the primary benefit of this console is that it comes with its own original games. Uncharted, God of War, Bloodborne, and a ton of other amazing games that I was previously unaware of have recently been released. minus the price of games and any that were purchased online. You can buy fifty percent of Steam for the price of a single game on a PlayStation 4 (:). Playing using the gamepad required a significant amount of practice before becoming second nature. It doesn't make a difference to me anymore what…

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

Since I've had the PS4 system for nearly six months at this point, my main concerns aren't related to noise or temperature; rather, I'm satisfied with how well it performs overall. The console is really good, even when measured against the standards of today, when the PS5 and RTX3080 have already been released. The most significant drawback is the high cost of the games. Without a PlayStation Plus subscription, they range from about 1,000 to 5,000, whereas with a PS Plus subscription, they go from about 1,000 to 4,500.

Best price for this product, will buy more!

Has pros: Gamepad that is both powerful and user-friendly, as well as an interface that is user-friendly Cons: The gamepad is not appropriate for shooting games, it discharges rapidly, and it creates noise. Additionally, a PS Plus subscription is required in order to play online games.

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

In 2022, I took the plunge and purchased a PlayStation 4 Pro. On the market, I tried my hand at the Eurotest when I was 23. The cost has since increased. Nothing produces noise, does not lag, does not hang. Fortnite, Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat, and Grand Theft Auto 5 are some of the games that I play with kids. I would recommend this to anyone, but particularly people over the age of 35.

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

I ended the generational life cycle by finishing the month of May with Physical Science. Twenty years ago, there was a console called the PS1, and then in 2005, the Xbox 360 was released. When it comes to lengthy journeys, the Switch is becoming obsolete. When the thought came to me to soap the rope in the photo, I made the decision to try to pass my time with activities that I had missed, despite the fact that I was never especially drawn to games. Delight. The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Detroit Become Human, God of War, and so on and so forth and so on and so forth. And the feelings that triggered the memory of that precise Spyro can in no way be communicated; it's like trying to transport someone back to their childhood. Now I'm just holding out till the end of the year for the remasters of Tony Hawk and Mafia, as well as a brand new PlayStation 5. Strongly suggest spending your money on this.

Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

I tried it throughout the day on a standard Full HD television after purchasing it at the beginning of the sales period. I made a foolish purchase because to the reason that the standard Sonya's 500 GB storage capacity was insufficient. The outcome without 4k is generally meaningless, but I believe that in the future there will be a significant difference when compared to games that are available now.

I'm impressed! Exactly the product deserves your attention.

This console is not intended to replace your personal computer. She constitutes a supplement to it. There are hacks, torrents, you can accomplish a lot by dancing around it with a tambourine, there are shooters, strategies, and many, many games that are worth playing on the PC (CS, Dota, etc.). The PC has a wide base of games, there are cheats, torrents, there are shooters, there are tactics, and there are many, many games that are worth playing on the PC. You are seated and concentrating intently on the display; there is no opportunity for relaxing. PS - this is something that stands on its own. You've been working hard all day, it's getting dark outside, you don't have the strength, so you hurry home, eat, and then find that you don't even have the strength to sit down in front of the computer. You make your way over to the couch, take the gamepad into your hands, fire up Until Dawn or another game, and then you kick back and relax. Or, for instance, you might be sitting there and…

I am satisfied with the product, I recommend it to everyone.

Bought as a substitute for the infamous slime. Although I didn't put it through 4K testing, I didn't notice any significant improvement over the thin card in terms of download speed or efficiency. The negative aspect is the exposed power cable.