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23.8" monitor lg ultragear 24gn650-b, 1920x1080, 144hz, ips, rostest (eac), black/red logo

in general, the product is excellent, but due to marriage it spoils the impression Pros below: color reproduction, functionality, ease of adjustment, material, connection methods Cons below: got caught with a marriage having played 36 hours for the entire time of use less than a month saw a broken pixelSee full review

automatic blood pressure monitor omron m2 basic (ru) without adapter logo

The tonometer makes a very accurate measurement. Convenient to attach to your hand. Comes with a set of four batteries and also the middle cuff. It is also possible to connect a power adapter to use directly from the mains without batteries. Compact and easy to operate, just one button. The display shows all relevant measurement characteristics.See full review

magnetic charging dock magnetik charging dock/for phone/watch/airpods/15w (white) logo

Compact wireless charger, does not take up much space. Now I can charge my phone and smart watch at the same time. I recommend to everyone!See full review

signal splitter palmexx hdmi audio extractor ay78 (input: hdmi 4096x2160@30hz; output: hdmi+spdif/aux) logo

Unfiltered thoughts on the item.It performs its duties properly, capturing the audio signal from Apple TV and transmitting it to the DACSee full review

grill de"longhi cgh920d, black/silver logo

Exploiting 4 months with curiosity and intensively. This device is the first. Tried different recipes. Generally satisfied. I recommendSee full review

pirelli ice zero 225/60 r17 103t winter logo

A bit noisy, this is nothing compared to the fact that you feel confident everywhere, even in our uncleaned yards, rowing is just gorgeousSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Bought in the summer. About 8 thousand for all four wheels. They're on a Nissan Tiida. Very smooth and soft on the go. Actually very noisy, but it was about 40% after a break-in of 500-600 km. On the snow keeps excellent, perhaps this is due to the low weight of the car. On ice, the grip is also good, the wheel does not spin, with a smooth ride. At the moment, not a single spike has flown out! I advise you to take it, you will not regret it.See full review


Different pros: Appearance. On the ryzen 5 5600x, the temperature does not rise above 56 in the stress test. Some cons: Plates ring at high speeds, maybe the problem is only in my copy)See full review


Has some pros: Came quickly. Took delivery to another room. It seems to me the best radiators, price-quality. Its cons: No packaging. What was wrapped in film. Bent a corner. Not critical.See full review


They work fine. The 8730 printer displayed the message "Previously Used Original Cartridge Installed" and started working. Everything is good. I will order more)See full review


Very good workmanship. I liked the pre-sale preparation before sending it to the store . . I skated 10 hours. Works like a clock. Boat 3 meters "Piranha Q5 SL takes 3-4 seconds to glide. . The power is a little extra for such a length in one, you really need a passenger in front. I think for 3.4 m. It will be normal. I bought it temporarily before 9.9, but sorry, the power is really for me in excess . . And the weight of 26 kg is normal. I recommend this motor ! !See full review


Thoughts on my recent tryout.With its pros: Neat, lightweight. For now, there is nothing more to say. Has cons: Nowhere is there a message that there is no Windows.See full review


Really big suitcase, just right for moving. Came with a cover, and wrapped in a pimply film, I hope for strength, until I left, after leaving the airport to the destination, I will leave a review, did I cope with the task. ))) thanksSee full review


Let's see With its pros: Completely new tires. 2 months from the date of manufacture. And designed for 2022n roads, one to one hankook w616. It will be winter I will try 100%. Has some cons: Really expensive, since February the wheel has risen in price by almost 1500r. Hence the question. 2022n rubber, why so expensive? ? I didn't buy the ContinentalSee full review


This is my first inhaler and I must say that so far everything suits me. I have nothing to compare with, so everything suits me in this modelSee full review


Reviewing my recent purchase.Has pros: Everything is very comfortable, well thought out Cons below: As packaging, I would prefer not a bag, but a plastic caseSee full review


A very worthy product, this summer fishing did not catch good weather, 8 out of ten days it rained and the wind blew. How glad I was that I exchanged my old ordinary awning for this tent. The quality of rest in bad weather has grown many times! Collecting is easy. There is a skirt for digging. The choice of just mesh or anti-rain wall is very convenient. The place for five people is very comfortable! It seems that everything is stitched not badly, it should serve with dignity.See full review


Sharing my firsthand review.Fast, nimble. The charge lasts for a long time. Charges quickly. The construction is solid. The child is happy.See full review


The car is used mainly in the city, with short runs, and in the second year of life, the native battery began to "get tired" - it failed in the very first severe frosts! I was already going to buy a new battery, but the consultant in the store advised me to buy a charger and recharge the battery from time to time. Received and left the battery on charge. Charged for almost a day, but it's good - it means the battery is alive and takes a charge! Since then, sometimes I drive the battery and thereSee full review


I already have batteries. Quite Chinese quality. so buying only carcasses immediately removes another 8 thousand from the price for 2 batteries and chargingSee full review

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