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automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

An excellent set, I was not sure when I ordered it. Judging by the reviews, many received not the set that was ordered. I received what I ordered and everything is fine. ordered for 4kSee full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 255/35 r18 94y summer logo

Pros: Soft, excellent cornering, hydroplaning is not noticed in the rain, looks great. Comfort on the highway, not prowling. On a good road 180km / h keeps excellent. Got cons: After 2 thousand, I began to feel the track, but not much, it was noticed on the Warsaw highway (the track there is not small).See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

All the reviews are fake, except for the bottom one. I bought this blood pressure monitor for my grandmother as a gift about 2-3 years ago. Grandmother poyuzala week and refused, because. I got too used to my old blood pressure monitor (I don’t remember the model and brand, and it doesn’t matter) and didn’t want to get used to the new blood pressure monitor, her old blood pressure monitor worked properly - the only thing was that the cuff did not fasten due to old age. As a result, he took his gSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

The spikes do not fly off, the flight is normal Its pros: Rowing in the snow is excellent, on ice it holds more or less if you do not drive while observing the speed limit Some cons: Very noisy, if there is no Shumkov, annoying over long distances. Doesn't hold the wheel very wellSee full review

well pump dab divertron 1000 m (650 w) logo

Basically, there is nothing to complain about. He worked honestly for 3 years, more precisely 3 seasons for 6 months each. Operation is intensive (watering the lawn, building a house, domestic needs). I didn’t get it out of the well for the winter (an experiment was conducted for how long the pump would last without maintenance and discounts). Case history: At first, the RCD on the pump line began to work. The plug on the side of the pump was disassembled, as it turned out, the sealing cuff pusSee full review

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 225/55 r17 97y summer logo

I took contisportcontact 3 235/45 R17 instead of staff on the trade wind, before that I had experience with pirelli pzero of the same dimension, compared to conti and pirelli, quiet (at any speed) and moderately soft rubber, loses a little in taxiing, small irregularities swallows with a bang, I still can’t say for wear, but it’s declared as wear-resistant, according to my personal feelings, in general, it outperforms both Conti and Pirelli, especially considering the price, I think in terms of See full review

children''s folding stool, tourist, without back, for camping and fishing, with cover, black-orange logo

Sharing insights on this purchase.Good folding chair, durable, convenient that comes in a case. In terms of quality, everything was fine.See full review

xiaomi led office lamp mjtd02yl, 12.5 w, white logo

Has some pros: Nice appearance. Adjustment of "temperature" and intensity of light. Different cons: Perhaps the angle of inclination will not be enough for everyone.See full review

laser level fukuda 4d mw-94d-4gx logo

Paid through amazon|aliexpress on September 15 and another receiver for the level. Nothing was delivered, the money was not returned, the status in the mode is waiting for cancellation! For half a month they have been talking nonsense about the fact that they cannot return the money!See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

I wouldn’t take it a second time, but as an average tire for terrible roads, it’s quite enough if it comes immediately with a new car. Pros: This rubber has only one plus - strength, condity. But almost all the minuses are a consequence of this plus. Got cons: Noisy, heavy, harsh with a fairly average grip in both dry and rainy conditions. The tendency to hydroplaning is average. On dirt in a blurry primer - none, it was not created for this. I won’t say how it behaves at low temperatures beforeSee full review

amt electronics amplifier tubecake 3w (tc-3) 1 pc. logo

The 1st passed under warranty, and the 2nd also burned out, and I decided to figure it out myself. After I set everything up on my own and installed additional radiators for transistors (they had to be replaced with similar ones), I also drilled additional holes for better ventilation, everything became great and stopped heatingSee full review

swimming mask (adult) logo

I will dive to the bottom of the sea in search of treasure. Has some pros: Rubber is very hard but elastic just like in the 90s. Good mask. Got cons: When I went to the pick-up point, it started to rain heavily and I got very wet.See full review


I bought it to replace the Neva, which leaked through . . immediately during installation. This one did not disappoint me so much, but whistling at low pressure and temperature spoils the picture a little. I did not apply for a guarantee, since it suits me with everything else. I solved the problem with whistling, setting it to high temperature, and then, as they say, "Hot" & "Cold" is in your hands. This, by the way, is suitable for everyone who has not yet lost the habit of old columns and usSee full review


I do not advise buying this vacuum cleaner and other vacuum cleaners from dreame, this vacuum cleaner is the flagship of this company, and judging from this, other vacuum cleaners are even worse than this one. And for this money it is better to buy a Dyson. It is not at all possible to vacuum a particular carpet, it tightens it. There is not enough power at all. Don't believe the reviews that tell you it's the strongest of the line.See full review

pirelli ice zero 225/60 r17 103t winter logo

Reflecting on my usage insights.Pros: Nice drawing. Appropriate brand. Compliance with the price. With its cons: Had I known it was that loud, I would never have bought it.See full review


The computer constantly hung when downloading torrents, when transferring files to an external hard drive . . which I just didn’t try on the advice from the Internet - I reinstalled the system, set up the network card (realtek embed), even changed the power supply to a more powerful one, to no avail. I bought this card based on reviews, used, original and all the problems are over. Simultaneously downloaded from the network at maximum speed, transferred files to an external hard drive and to a mSee full review


Got pros: Good consistency, easy to apply, moisturizes the skin, keeps well all day. Cons below: In addition to the price, there are no shortcomings. , I always take a stock.See full review


Has pros: Heats up quickly, comfortable to hold, beautiful, easy to make curls on long hair in 10-15 minutes. Cons below: For this price, there are no cons. Excellent curler. Personally, I would like curls larger, but this is subjective.See full review


Recommended for both beginners and amateurs Different pros: Compact! Has everything for comfortable use Shoot video? - Yes! Take pictures? - Yes! Has some cons: With a whale lens, pictures can only be taken in daylight or in artificial bright light. Without a lens with a wider aperture, you won't be able to take beautiful photos.See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

According to the current promotion on the market from the official manufacturer midway-store, the purchase of this scooter is an ideal option! They sent a modified version with a rigid front suspension and a top speed of 40 km/h. Delivery is very prompt! I recommend! Different pros: Nice scooter! It looks representative, dimensions and power correspond to the title of the flagship of the entire MIDWAY line! Suitable for both commuting and family skating! Made neatly, simply, reliably and efficiSee full review

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