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Many sites give information that the manufacturer is the USA and the country of production is the USA, in fact the country of production is China. It is unpleasant that China is slipped here too.See full review

horn piaa sports horn super bass logo

Whoever starts talking about signals from the Volga - they burn out, the sound is not so beautiful, in general - cheap, it looks like Chinese . . With its pros: Quality goods, equipment, and most importantly - an awesome two-tone bass sound! Its cons: Everything justified, the price is high, but for this money there are no analogues!See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Run in as expected - the first 500 km no sudden movements, the speed is not higher than 80 km / h. For the first two seasons, there were no complaints - at 130 km / h I didn’t even notice that the most natural skating rink was on the road, for the third season autumn was warm - spikes climbed, namely, the spike rubs the base and the tire starts to slowly lower, one of the tires has a defective spike never found, had to put a camera. By the end of the third season, more than half of the studs werSee full review

canon mc-10 - 1320b014 genuine canon service kit (1320b014) 15,000 pages logo

4 times zeroed, and the fifth time I decided to rinse. 1 hour and the diaper is like new. Dry it and put it back in the printer. Before flushing, the printer covered 1030 square meters. Now I'm resetting again.See full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

A wonderful midi keyboard, in addition to the piano, there are sounds of other instruments. The settings allow you to sound closer to the real sound of a stage grand piano. The pedal in the kit is the simplest, but I have my own MGear, bought over 10 years ago. Fits perfectly on a regular X-rack. Delivery on time, they immediately unpacked and checked the tool with me.See full review

nexen winguard ice suv 225/65 r17 102q winter logo

For 5 years, he wrote everywhere that the Sorento Prime has the only drawback — the rumble from the wheels. Then Nadys decided to change winter tires and suddenly discovered that I had a very quiet car. Those. this Nexen is quieter than the regular summer one. And, in my opinion, at city speeds (I haven’t taken to the track yet) - it’s in no way inferior in handling and braking properties.See full review

wireless mouse redragon mirage, black/red logo

I figured out the hovering of the cursor. It helped to replace the IR LED with a regular one (I took it from my old mouse). I've been using it for a week now, no problems.See full review

modular keter professional tool storage system 17200000 logo

Has pros: Sturdy, roomy drawers! I am satisfied with the purchase! All this looks impressive, soundly. He stood on the edges of each box and the entire column assembly, he holds my 82kg confidently. Has some cons: The price bites. There is an unpleasant smell of plastic, I think it will go away with time. The pen is not trustworthy. Time will tellSee full review

power supply cooler master elite 600 v4 230v 600w (mpe-6001-acabn) black box logo

A good PSU for a computer, it pulls Intel Core i5-12400F + GeForce RTX 3060 without any problems. Not noisy in operation. Excellent quality/price ratio.See full review


If you immediately turn it off as it showed that the battery is charged, then this will not be a full charge, you still need to hold it for a while.See full review


Took for bonuses "Thank you"! And thanks to "Amazon" and "" that parted culturally, while maintaining loyalty to the client!See full review

oil compressor patriot ptr 50-450a, 50 l, 2.2 kw logo

In general, if I bought it not for 20,000, but for 25,000, as they sell everywhere, I would return it to the store. But, I read the reviews, chose, compared . . Let's start the review. Cast iron block and cylinders, silumin heads, copper-painted aluminum tubes, spiral tubes for, such as heat dissipation, I doubt their effectiveness, they slide along the tube and tinkle audibly, the air does not poison anywhere. "V" shaped compressor block, on the one hand, it seems to be good, such as cooling isSee full review


If you think to take, do not take, definitely TAKE ! ! I also thought between him and Canon 550. I'm happy as an elephant that I bought Nikon :) Some pros: Fast :) BUT sometimes slows down in autofocus, although I almost immediately focus manually. convenient, all the buttons are at hand, all settings are visible in real time on the small screen (which by the way is backlit, which is VERY convenient at night). I have an objective 18-105 with a whale, which is more than enough for a start, thenSee full review


It was difficult for me to choose a chair for myself because of a sore neck. The trouble with showrooms, I had to take a chance. Honestly didn't regret it. Yes, there are cons, but overall a very decent chair. Easy assembly. Strong parts. Armrests are easy to knock off the settings, but in general the norm. The top cushion for me was thick, uncomfortable and quite high. Took it off. The bottom cushion is very cool. The swing mechanism has a center strongly in front, because of this, it is difficSee full review


Sharing my candid viewpoint.Got pros: I was very surprised) by wifi, it works relatively fast) With its cons: well, it is ated very often)) well, this is not a drawback))See full review

backpack men''s urban sports black satchel laptop bag travel backpack bag with usb logo

I took it for 2100 ~ I am satisfied with the purchase, now it will cover my back on the street. after a couple of weeks of use, one strap was partially torn, you should not load it more than 5kg ~See full review

synthetic engine oil mobil super 3000 x1 5w-40, 4 l, 4 kg, 1 piece logo

Controversial originality in appearance, all the rules, but it would seem that the same canisters have different differencesSee full review


The flickering is terrible, most likely it costs an ultra-cheap stabilizer, or maybe it doesn’t exist at all . Don’t waste money on this, it’s better to pay extra and take something better.See full review

viatti strada asimmetrico v-130 185/60 r15 84h summer logo

in principle, if the rustle behind the windows from the wheels is not very annoying, then the price and quality are quite consistentSee full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

Has some pros: I use the first week. Works good. Checked all operating modes. When switching between modes, he thinks for a couple of minutes. Quiet enough. Cools the 2nd floor of the dacha, mid-slot assembly)). Squares 20. Copes. Has cons: Exhaust. The warm air outlet hose is connected at the bottom of the air conditioner. According to the instructions, the outlet of this hose to the street should be at a height of 35 to 100 cm. Where can I get such windows ? ? Making a pedestal for a mobile cSee full review

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