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babycare new holland tractor, yellow logo

Different pros: Practical, comfortable, there is music and headlights are on. The plastic is strong enough, there is an additional flight cart Has cons: Missing Music inherent directly to the tractor (engine sound, etc. ).See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

Although I drove only 30 km, I’m ready to make an initial review, then I will supplement it. First. Tip - immediately, take (or buy) an electric pump out of the box to check tire pressure. Recommended - 55 psi. When I checked it, I was horrified, it didn’t even reach 20. Do not want problems with a worn camera - check Second. Do not order attachments in advance by the type of holders, bags, etc. (only if you study the size and shape of the steering wheel, steering rack, etc. ) because everythingSee full review

grill de"longhi cgh920d, black/silver logo

Exploiting 4 months with curiosity and intensively. This device is the first. Tried different recipes. Generally satisfied. I recommendSee full review

spg premium ad057 driving glasses, no prescription, frame color: black, lens color: yellow logo

Not China. Made in 2022. MO. The overall quality is better than "cheap china", but worse than "inexpensive taiwan". Comes with a soft case and a base quality cloth.See full review

vinyl record bad boys blue. heartbeat. yellow (lp) logo

It is not clear why the order was delivered for 26 days, although the record store is located in Hong Kong, for this I took off two stars for garlic.See full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

I liked one stylish moment that the masks in the kit are the same color as the button to turn on the inhaler. Illuminated buttonSee full review

organizer stanley 1-93-980, 36.5x15.5x22.5 cm, 14.4"" , black logo

*I strongly advise you to pay attention to the fact that the organizer serves as a shelf - you can put something on it. * I strongly advise you to choose a place before buying - where you want to mark and how. Also take into account the scheme with the shelves. This is for your own convenience. With its pros: *Great organizer for anything. But in my case, it's polymer clay. * A lot of slots, so a lot can be disassembled and filtered out small things. *The top has free space + sides, which is whySee full review

zte mf79 with zbt 1626 router and remo antenna up to 15dbi set 3g/4g lte internet + two cables 5 meters each logo

Delivered on time, well packaged. Everything is included, according to the description, instructions in 2022. Installed in the country (63 km from the city, 8 km from the cell tower), according to the instructions, caught the signal, set it up, everything works. Thank you. I recommend to buy.See full review

nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

The picture quality is good, the console is pleasant to hold in hands Its pros: It is convenient that it connects to the TV, there are a lot of games, there are no problems with the purchase (there are many services on the Internet where you can buy gift cards) The console itself is really worth the money, here are the games on it are a little expensive, you need to be prepared for this before buying Has cons: Battery life is not very big, about 5-6 hours, the plug is Japanese, there is not muchSee full review

computer case aerocool cs-101 400 w, black logo

Someone does well, and someone sculpts incomprehensible crafts. I have no complaints about the Aerocool case. I have always liked this company for its devices. Now I took the body to work. Two disks, a disk drive, a mother with a CPU stood up like family. I also sawed a few fans into the case. Also placed. I had to play around a bit with CPU cooling, pick up a powerful and low cooler. And that's it.See full review

cpu cooler deepcool gamma archer pro, black logo

The cooler was purchased together with the IRU Home 223 system unit on AMD Ryzen 3 3100 (65 W). After the test, it was decided to dismantle the cooler and examine the quality of the installation. It turned out that serious skill, courage and physical strength are required to remove the cooler, and most importantly, that the design allows for a curved installation. Despite its solid dimensions, impressive appearance, airflow around the socket and the copper pad, the cooler performed poorly under See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

for 11 thousand an excellent TV, took the second one, into the room. The image does not slow down, everything works well. From the unpleasant - they did not accrue 300 points for a split upon purchase.See full review

computer case deepcool matrexx 55 v3 add-rgb 3f logo

The case is beautiful, everything is excellent in terms of temperatures. Laying wires is just a fairy tale place with a margin.See full review

forsage hinged collar 750mm 1/2" forsage f-8014750u logo

I don’t know how much it will last, I bought it for very rare use - unscrew the wheel bolts in winter if they freeze, but this has already happened.See full review

hub/concentrator usb-c hub 5 in 1 forall/adapter with usb 3.0, rj45, hdmi 4k, pd charging up to 100w for macbook pro/air logo

Pros: Working, hdmi works fine, did not check for 4k, but 2k is good. Convenient size, nice workmanship, good materials With its cons: There are questions about USB 3.0. Video from Hard in 4k reproduces at the very least. If you want, for example, to mount material that lies on Hard, then without a proxy it will be problematicSee full review

automatic blood pressure monitor omron m2 basic (ru) without adapter logo

I buy instead of the old failed omron m1. Hope it lasts just as long. The readings are accurate, there was a discount. Just bought, measured, no complaints. Who cares, pay attention - it comes without an adapter for connecting to an E-network. Included with the device itself is a cuff, 4 batteries, a storage case.See full review


After several months of use at home, they ordered and installed the same filter for my grandparents in Hong Kong (there is exactly the same situation with water hardness). And how wonderful that amazon has free shipping and discounts. Bought for a lot cheaper than in stores. And yes, the Filter makes sounds periodically, don't be scared))) Has pros: This filter is a lifesaver! There is no sediment at all in the teapot, the water does not smell of anything foreign, the tea has become delicious. CSee full review

hankook tire kinergy eco 2 k435 155/80 r13 79t summer logo

Evaluating this product thoroughly.There was no information about Kitvy. Let's see how they show themselves. The quality seems to be normal.See full review


The brazier is quite heavy, but thanks to the wheels it moves perfectly and this is a big plus, because for storage we bring it to the garage. The brazier is conveniently equipped - on the sides there are folding shelves where you can put food, dishes, plus one large one below the brazier - for firewood, boxes. Thanks to the lid, you can create a higher temperature in the grill and cook more meat.See full review

roof box eurodetal magnum 330 (330 l), carbon black logo

Convenient small box. In winter skis and poles of the whole family are placed. Due to the fact that it is quite narrow, in the summer, without removing the box, it will be possible to put 1-2 bicyclesSee full review

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