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Review on DRoster by Phil Mehta

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good Time Tracking/Timekeeping Software

I use it to schedule employees, as well as manage timesheets & payrolls for my office! It's very user friendly, and is simple enough that someone new could figure out how to navigate without having an expert available at their side (which we do not have!) Very professional looking too which helps with our image. Not much to dislike about this software - you will get used to it eventually or find another program if this doesn't work for your needs. Easy access to online training videos made easy to follow by providing step-by-step guides! There are some small changes still pending such as allowing time in lieu of hours taken off of paychecks. This only makes sense because they're essentially one in the same anyway but would like an option between paying salary vs L&I instead. Our business is growing significantly and keeping up or exceeding customer satisfaction requires more people be able to complete tasks efficiently. Managing payroll has been tedious so this program allows me to assign jobs I like that it is easy to use, even if you are not very tech savvy. It has helped me with my employees' schedules in multiple companies. The software does have some glitches here or there but they usually get fixed within a few days. I highly recommend this product! Easy to learn how to navigate through the program. Helps organize work shifts in different locations around the country.

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  • Simple scheduling process.
  • Works best when doing monthly direct deposits into employee bank accounts rather than sending them checks separately each month; saves money over traditional paper check method especially once all deductions come together after taxes etc
  • All fine